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Virtual meeting fatigue

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about how to mentally adjust to the new world of virtual meetings and how to get through these meetings without feeling exhausted, so with mental health awareness week upon us, I ...

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Join the webinar – preventative healthcare

Even before COVID-19, the health and wellbeing needs of employees had gone beyond simple health checks. We’ve partnered with Bupa Health Clinics to offer a range of tailored plans and assessments that go beyond...

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Tis the season to introduce financial wellbeing in the workplace

As we say goodbye to the summer holiday season, start kicking through the autumnal leaves before  the next big financial event on the calendar is upon us, Christmas! StepChange Debt Charity fears festive pressu...

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Are you making use of your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

As we continue with our third national lockdown, both inside and outside of work, the profile of mental health and wellbeing has never been higher. Many people are working from home, and with schools closed, pa...

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Avoiding pension scams: Useful tools and tips

Pension scams are on the rise. There are different types of pension scams but they can all lead to you losing a lifetime’s worth of savings. Since April 2015 you have more choices about how you can access your ...

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Home schooling – déjà vu

If you’re a parent or guardian who has entered 2021 facing the prospect of home schooling again, you would be forgiven for having greeted the prospect with despair. After all, a New Year normally heralds a fres...

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Mortgage Payment Holiday & What The Lenders Are Doing

COVID-19 is unprecedented and has far reaching implications on us all. One of the measures put in place by the Government is the ability to apply, with your mortgage lender, for a “payment holiday”. This briefi...

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The New State Pension

As the media has well publicised, the 6th October 2020 was an important date in the legislative calendar in that both men and women born between 6th October 1954 and 5th April 1960 will now have a common State ...

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The Government’s Track and Trace Support Payment

The Government has announced a support payment to help those who lose income because they have been required to self-isolate. The Government has confirmed that local authorities will be able to offer those affe...

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