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Provide ALL your staff with good retirement advice

Retirement planning for all ages is important. For many people, use the term ‘pension’ or ‘financial planning’ and they will turn off. And yet when you have a workforce who are confident in their financial situ...

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Are you making use of your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

As we continue with our third national lockdown, both inside and outside of work, the profile of mental health and wellbeing has never been higher. Many people are working from home, and with schools closed, pa...

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Financial planning and pension information Hub

Nearly £20bn of pensions unclaimed in the UK: can you trace your lost pots?

You’d think that once you’ve done all the hard work of saving into a pension plan, often over many years, you wouldn’t forget all about it when you change jobs or come to retire, and lose out on the money you’v...

Financial planning and pension information Hub

2020 Pension Annual Benefit Statements

How to react – What you really need to know Your 2020 Annual Pension Statements – is this relevant to me? This note is for you: if you have a pension plan where what you can get out depends on how big your fun...

Financial planning and pension information Hub

Financial Crossword

Financial planning and pension information Hub

Tax Relief Available – Working From Home

The coronavirus lock down has resulted in many workplaces being closed, and millions of UK employees now being asked to work from home. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic only 1.7 million people in the UK worked...

Financial planning and pension information Hub

Lifetime ISA update

Lifetime ISA holders who withdraw from their account before 5th April 2021 will effectively face no penalty, after the Government announced changes to its rules. People whose income has been affected by Coronav...

Financial planning and pension information Hub

Power of Attorney

Making decisions on somebody’s behalf Firstly, some statistics1; There are currently around 850,000 people in the UK with dementia, a figure projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040 209,600 people will develop...

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Financial planning and pension information Hub

Investments update – Property funds

We all know that the present situation is unprecedented and there are lots of changes we are all experiencing, many for the very first time. We are all aware of the health and hygiene challenges and many people...

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