Non-Life Insurance

A trusted adviser to general insurance partners

General Insurers

We provide support to a variety of General Insurance companies on a day-to-day and project basis. From delivering professional and technical support for reserving and rating, capital modelling and risk management to providing an experienced Chief Actuary – we can provide reliable expertise when you need it most.

Our team has significant experience working with insurers, Lloyd’s Managing Agents, brokers, managing general agents and regulators across international territories including the UK, Bermuda, US, Canada, Australia, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and a significant number of EEA territories.

We have a highly experienced team of qualified actuaries, student actuaries and risk management experts who have a mixture of consulting and in-house experience, meaning that we can adapt to offer solutions to your unique requirements.


Our Expertise

For over 20 years, we’ve helped countless clients in the UK and internationally tackle all manner of complicated actuarial and regulatory issues. These include insurance companies, mutuals and friendly societies, banks, building societies, pension
schemes and their advisers, independent financial advisers, individuals, auditors, solicitors, and trade bodies. Throughout the process, we offer practical solutions that bring clarity and add real value to your business.

The non-life insurance consulting services and expertise include:

  • Actuarial reserving
  • Capital modelling and management
  • Profitability and technical pricing
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Finance and actuarial reporting
  • Experts and skilled persons
  • Resource augmentation

The non-life insurance consulting services and expertise include:

Actuarial reserving

Our reserving services include:

  • Calculation of best estimate reserves
  • Independent review or re-calculation of reserves
  • Reserve range analysis (stochastic and non-stochastic)
  • Process and efficiency improvement
  • Calculation and review of IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Liabilities
  • Calculation and review of SII Technical Provisions
  • Impact assessment of new or emerging risks
  • Data warehouse design, implementation and testing
  • Dashboard development and reporting solutions

Profitability and technical pricing

Our profitability and technical pricing services include:

  • Portfolio and profitability analysis
  • Commercial and reinsurance pricing model development and review
  • GLM and machine learning model development and implementation
  • Integration of rating, underwriting and policy admin systems
  • Customer fairness reviews

Finance and Actuarial reporting

Our finance and actuarial reporting services include support on:

  • Solvency II QRTs and NSTs
  • IFRS 17 disclosures
  • Process improvement and fast close
  • Process mapping
  • Target operating model design
  • Transformation planning and implementation
  • Complex error identification and resolution

Capital modelling and management

Our capital modelling and management services include:

  • Solvency UK gap analysis and implementation support
  • Internal model validation
  • Major model change application support
  • Platform migration, implementation, and validation
  • Reporting enhancements and visualisation
  • Capital model parameterisation
  • Dependencies workshops and parameterisation
  • Balance sheet optimisation
  • Board training

Enterprise risk management

Our risk management services include:

  • Actuarial function report
  • Stress and scenario analysis
  • Risk appetite calibration or review
  • Risk framework or risk register development and review
  • Operational risk modelling and parameterisation
  • Risk dashboard development and enhancement
  • Risk reporting and visualisation
  • Board training

Experts and skilled persons

Our experienced team support on various specialist consulting assignments including:

  • Independent experts on UK Part VII, and Irish Section 13 Transfers
  • Skilled persons for Section 166 reviews
  • Outsourced Chief Actuary (SMF 20) and/or Chief Risk Officer (SMF 4)
  • Subject matter experts for External and Internal Audits

Resource augmentation

Our team can support a wide range of resourcing needs on a temporary basis including:

  • Full or partial outsource actuarial function, risk and finance functions
  • Loan staff and backfill into capital modelling, reserving, pricing, risk management and model validation teams

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