Update your pensions knowledge and understanding

The Broadstone Academy is the ideal way for people who are new to pensions to learn the core knowledge required to act as a Trustee or deal with pensions for their employer. It also acts as a great refresher for those with more experience, who want to brush up on their pensions knowledge.

The core curriculum of the Broadstone Academy mirrors the Pensions Regulator’s toolkit, brought to life via an interactive presentation with one of Broadstone’s consultants.

Sessions will last 1 hour with time for questions with the presenters. You will also benefit by being joined by others in a similar boat looking to learn about the complex UK pensions system.


Upcoming sessions

No upcoming sessions

If you have any questions please contact the lead instructor of the Broadstone Academy David Brooks.

David Brooks
DDI: +44 (0)20 3869 6830
T: +44 (0)161 236 1330

Future sessions

The Broadstone Academy will be your first port of call to learn about what’s new in pensions and give you the fundamental understanding to carry out your role effectively. If there’s a topic you would like us to cover in future sessions, please contact David.

Previous Sessions

General Code


Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investment Training


Pensions Dashboards

Defined Contribution Schemes

Pension Protection Fund

Implementation of Investment Strategy

Setting an Investment Strategy

Introduction to Investment Principles

Pension Scams

Defined Benefit Funding Principles (Part 2)

Defined Benefit Funding Principles (Part 1)

The Trustees' Role

Legal Framework of Pension Schemes