Investment Consulting for Charities

Providing the right investment advice for your charitable cause

Charitable Investing

We’re motivated to redefine how charities can access what they need and to provide services that we believe will improve the outcomes for charities. Our aim is to help charities succeed with their missions.

Broadstone’s team of high quality specialists provide a full spectrum of investment advice to pension schemes, employers, charities, and non-profit organisations. Every charity is unique, so we provide advice on charitable investments with a personal and bespoke approach.

Our investment team offer tailored advice to help charities, endowment funds and not-for-profit organisations to deliver their objectives and meet all of their requirements, whether in relation to ethical investing, cashflow, or meeting funding requirements.


The Broadstone Approach

Our three pillars that define how we work in this sector

Choosing Broadstone for Your Charity Investment Needs

Our primary objective is to fully understand and then consistently meet our clients’ needs. We provide independent investment advice, and always look to tailor solutions to you, your individual needs and the charity’s ultimate mission.

“We want to help. We’re driven by a deep passion to help a sector that is working so hard to do good. Ensuring that our clients have clear objectives and a mission aligned investment strategy that reflects their specific beliefs and preferences is at the heart of our approach.”

We have advocated the need for further clarity to be given to trustees on investing charity money, and the latest guidance from the Charity Commission helpfully covers this in detail. Fundamentally focusing on the difference between mission aligned and financial investment objectives has given Trustees a real ability to affect change through their investment strategies.

We’re keen to help you explore what the right objectives for your charity or endowment might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every charity will have unique needs and aspirations – and it can sometimes be hard to know where to start when considering ethical investment.

I’m new to charity investment – how can I ensure that I meet our financial objectives?

The first step to investing includes creating a unique Investment Policy (and often Ethical Investment Statement alongside). Setting your objectives and writing them down is the first step to understanding how you can meet the objectives.

An Investment Beliefs session is a hugely beneficial tool to help all the stakeholders (most often the Trustees or investment committee and the Finance team) discuss and record the objectives of the charitable assets. During this process, it is helpful to set out your priorities and identify any missions that could be met through the invested assets, and also understand the fundamentals of the charity better. Such as the cashflow needs over different time frames.

How often should we review our investment portfolio?

The Charity Commission guidance states “If you have appointed an investment manager for your charity, you should regularly review the service that they provide. This should happen independently of the manager.”

We believe that the performance, both financial and social, should be reviewed at each finance committee meeting. This doesn’t have to be onerous, a simple governance report will easily comply with this requirement.

The investment objectives should be assessed against the charitable objectives whenever these are updated. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the strategy remains appropriate and that the managers are executing the portfolio in line with those objectives. A review or at least sense check should be carried out ideally at least every 3 years to ensure the objectives are still being met.

How can we make sure that any investments meet our goals and align with the charity’s mission?

Ensuring that both your advisers and your managers truly understand the social impact the charity wants to unlock through it’s investments make a real difference here. This is something we believe is hugely powerful and we’re looking forward to working with more clients who want to update their Investment Policy to reflect their growing confidence to invest for social impact as well as financial returns.

Investing in a portfolio of assets that align to these objectives and report well on their impact is the easiest way to ensure alignment with your goals.

How will you keep our Trustees and Finance team in the loop?

Our style is to engage with you, and support your charity, in the same way that you expect your Trustees to. We are proactive and will come to your team when we think there’s something you should be aware of. We champion long term relationships and believe the best way to ensure success is to have good communication and clear channels to make decisions. We can help you put the right processes in place and are just as happy to help the Finance team with technical details as we are to help the Trustees with the strategic decisions!


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