Broadstone’s Actuarial and Investment Software for Defined Benefit Schemes

How does it work?

Sirius allows us to provide integrated actuarial and investment advice to trustees and sponsors of defined benefit schemes. We base this advice on the real-time information we get from Sirius regarding the funding level of your scheme and your scheme’s end-game objectives.

Focus on your scheme's journey plan

Sirius’ integrated dashboard allows you to monitor and consider investment, contributions and funding strategy to achieve long-term objectives.

What's included?

Actuarial valuations – explore ‘what if’ scenarios for liability assumptions and recovery plan contribution options.

Investment performance – monitor performance against liabilities and performance of investment managers.

Funding updates – track your scheme funding level on a variety of bases. Sirius is updated daily to give you real-time insight.

Cashflow coverage – visualise and compare asset and liability cashflows to design an investment strategy that provides sufficient liquidity.

Liability analytics (hi-res)
Cashflow (hi-res)

Asset allocation – visualise risk and return for different allocation strategies, agree optimal asset allocation and how it should develop.

Derisking – monitor insurance company pricing and understand the impact of liability management exercises.

Trigger monitoring – design trigger framework and track funding against triggers.

Hedging – design an investment strategy that provides the right match for the liabilities.

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Sirius is...

User friendly – we have designed the system to help you understand the financing of your scheme so that you can focus on the important decisions, without cutting out important detail.

Constantly updated – Sirius automatically updates for the latest financial conditions allowing up to the minute scheme financing to be tracked.

Fully integrated – we will use Sirius to provide all our actuarial and investment advice so that investment and funding decisions are joined up.

Accessible anytime – you will be able to log into Sirius to get an updated funding level and track how the scheme is performing against the agreed plan.

Future proof – we have designed Sirius to be ready for the forthcoming Pension Regulator Code of Practice on funding and can customise it for any further changes.

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Broadstone’s Sirius Index

Broadstone’s Sirius Index uses the power of Sirius to help track our schemes on their journey to low dependency.

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