Author: Simon Pickerill

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Employee Wellbeing

Protecting the wellbeing of your Far East expats in the UK

It’s generally accepted that COVID-19 has challenged the wellbeing of most employees. It’s also recognised that the wellbeing of expats has been especially hard hit. Healthcare is one particular area where expa...

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Small scheme consolidation – new Value for Members push

The government’s drive to push ‘smaller’ trust-based defined contribution (DC) pension schemes into larger ones intensifies in the coming months. The DWP’s guidance is out – on the new ‘net return’ ...

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New statutory Value for Members requirements – what will they mean for your scheme?

As we move through the first months of 2021, now is a good time to ensure that upcoming regulatory requirements are in sight, and on plan. For thousands of trust-based schemes there is likely to be a new, poten...

Financial planning and pension information Hub

2020 Pension Annual Benefit Statements

How to react – What you really need to know Your 2020 Annual Pension Statements – is this relevant to me? This note is for you: if you have a pension plan where what you can get out depends on how big your fun...