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Health Plans

When employees need medical treatment it’s vital they receive it quickly, otherwise there is a direct cost to the business in terms of reduced productivity or increased sickness absence costs.

However, after a prolonged period of financial constraint in the wake of the banking crisis, followed by a global pandemic, the UK’s public health service is struggling to cope with the ever-increasing healthcare needs of an aging population.

These mounting pressures on the public health system present a real risk to UK businesses, with rising sickness absence rates and poor productivity as more and more employees face longer waiting times to access treatment and return to good health.

Difficulties in accessing GP services, dental care, diagnostic tests and hospital treatment are also all having an impact on employees, and their employers.


Fortunately, we offer independent advice on a range of health plan products designed to ensure your employees can access the medical care they need when they need.

Independent Advice on Employee Health Plans

We are experts in designing and implementing effective, affordable and sustainable health plans.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance supports business productivity and profitability by ensuring employees can access fast diagnostic and treatment services for medical conditions that might otherwise keep them off work while waiting for treatment on the NHS.

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Health Cash Plans

Health cash plans help employers reduce short term sickness absence costs and engage employees by providing them with financial support with the cost of everyday healthcare needs such as dental costs, optician costs, prescription charges, physiotherapy treatments and specialist consultations.

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International Private Medical Insurance

International medical insurance supports employers by making sure their employees can access high quality medical treatment in countries around the world and is essential for those employers who have employees living and working in certain countries or frequently travelling between different countries because of the nature of their work.

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Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans support employers by helping to reduce short term sickness absence costs and increase productivity, while engaging employees with a popular and increasingly valued health benefit.

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Employers and the health of the nation

The health and healthcare landscape in the UK has changed irrevocably since the pandemic. Waiting lists are soaring and patients are struggling to access the treatment they require as quickly as they need it. Our Market Report looks in detail at the pressures on our public health system and how these are now impacting employers, insurers and private healthcare providers.

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