Actuarial and Pensions Advice for Sponsors

Simple and clear advice to help manage the cost and risk of your pension scheme.

How we can help

Broadstone offers a full range of services to help sponsors manage their pension obligations efficiently, delivered by specialists in pensions strategy, de-risking, member options and the pensions implications of corporate restructuring.

Funding, accounting and cost management – helping companies manage the costs associated with their pension scheme, from support with cash funding negotiations to reviewing various aspects of scheme running costs. Production of company pension accounting disclosures and advice on the accounting implications of your wider corporate strategy.

Strategy and journey planning – supporting a company view on the ultimate long-term target for the scheme and the various journey plan options relating to contributions, investment risk and future de-risking actions.

Member options – specialist support across all aspects of introducing alternative member options, ensuring members receive best practice communications and support while meeting sponsor aims around managing the cost and risk of the pension scheme.

Corporate restructuring and covenant – advice on managing any employer restructuring, Merger and Acquisitions (“M&A”) and covenant activity, liaising with covenant advisors and supporting the presentation of changes to trustees and their advisors.

Sponsor advice

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