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Are we all losing in the big NHS waiting game?

After two years of isolation, testing, lockdowns, and face masks; everyone seems to be grateful that we are finally learning to live with COVID-19. Since March 2020, the virus has been all over the daily news, ...

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SMEs need to review their pension provider

It’s well-known that many of us remain with the same providers for insurance, utilities, mortgages and so on – simply because it’s the easy option. However, in our professional roles, the easy option is n...

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It’s vital that pension member communications are spot on in these uncertain times

As the government starts to taper down and wind up the financial support available via the furlough scheme, many believe more firms will start to take some tough decisions which could make job losses inevitable...

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Financial planning and pension information Hub

Guidance for potential University students

You’ve made up your mind and decided that you will be attending University in order to pursue your dream career. This is a very exciting time, however for most undergraduate students, it will be the first time ...

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Lifetime ISA update

Lifetime ISA holders who withdraw from their account before 5th April 2021 will effectively face no penalty, after the Government announced changes to its rules. People whose income has been affected by Coronav...

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Investments update – Property funds

We all know that the present situation is unprecedented and there are lots of changes we are all experiencing, many for the very first time. We are all aware of the health and hygiene challenges and many people...

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Scheme changes – how these may affect Life Cover for your employees

There are currently a number of changes happening within occupational pensions that are affecting the more immediate and potentially higher priority requirement for employee protection. These changes include ma...

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DC Trust, Master Trust or contract based – which would you choose?

With the ongoing improvements in regulation and increased requirements around running your own trust-based scheme, many employers and Trustees are considering switching, but what is best for your members and th...