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The best way to think about January – it’s ‘walk your dog month’!

Blue Monday has gone, pay day still seems like it cannot come fast enough, and it is getting harder and harder to keep those New Year’s resolutions, right? The salads are getting boring, it’s cold and dark outs...

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What is Blue Monday, and why does it affect you as an employer?

It is safe to say that Monday is not many people’s favourite day of the week; whether it be Blue Monday or a random Monday in any given month. With the excitement of the festive period being over, personal goal...

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Get together to support mental health

It’s hard to think of any benefits to a global pandemic, but one could be a change in perception around mental health. The issue has been discussed at length and many well-known personalities, and even royalty ...

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Why “Dry January” matters… Could it be the refresh that your workforce needs?

Everyone overindulges at Christmas; and after the restrictions in force in 2021, why not do whatever it is that brings you joy? But as with every other year, January is a popular time for people to focus their ...

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Tis the season to introduce financial wellbeing in the workplace

As we say goodbye to the summer holiday season, start kicking through the autumnal leaves before  the next big financial event on the calendar is upon us, Christmas! StepChange Debt Charity fears festive pressu...

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Being an employer (much like pasta) is about to become more expensive!

In September, the government set out the new Health and Social Care Levy that is to be introduced to pay for increased spending on health & social care measures. It is intended, in the first instance, to su...

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SMEs need to review their pension provider

It’s well-known that many of us remain with the same providers for insurance, utilities, mortgages and so on – simply because it’s the easy option. However, in our professional roles, the easy option is n...

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From the E to the S to the G – why is it here, what is it and how does it affect me?

Read on if: You a member of a pension scheme. You have already heard of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or especially if you haven’t. You would like to know more about ESG in layman’s terms. Why i...

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A bespoke benefits platform can also be a great internal communication tool

Your employees are one of your most valuable stakeholders so it’s important to appreciate their value. One way to do this is to consistently think about the employee journey and what it means to work for your b...

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