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SMEs need to review their pension provider

It’s well-known that many of us remain with the same providers for insurance, utilities, mortgages and so on – simply because it’s the easy option. However, in our professional roles, the easy option is n...

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From the E to the S to the G – why is it here, what is it and how does it affect me?

Read on if: You a member of a pension scheme. You have already heard of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or especially if you haven’t. You would like to know more about ESG in layman’s terms. Why i...

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A bespoke benefits platform can also be a great internal communication tool

Your employees are one of your most valuable stakeholders so it’s important to appreciate their value. One way to do this is to consistently think about the employee journey and what it means to work for your b...

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2020 – The year we will almost certainly all want to forget. I will say no more.

As is tradition, a New Year brings us the opportunity for those new years’ resolutions. Instead of kidding yourself that you will remain teetotal through the year, or do 10 mile runs every day (regardless of th...

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High Earners strategy

Introduction Broadstone have been working with a tech company, based in London, for 2 years. In this time they had seen exponential growth from 150 to over 800 employees. With the origins of the business lying ...

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Affordable healthcare offers an alternative to Christmas parties

At this time of year, firms are usually planning the annual Christmas party, whether that’s a lavish extravaganza at a plush hotel or a meal at a local restaurant. However, Christmas 2020 will look a lot differ...

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Why now is not the time to stop thinking about mental health

Various studies pre COVID-19 showed positive mental health was under greater pressure in the UK population than ever, but the current environment is without question going to add to that pressure – especially a...

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Broadstone urge employers to look at suicide prevention

Data from the Office of National Statistics reported that in 2019, the suicide rate for men in England and Wales was the highest for two decades – 4,303 men and 1,388 women – and Samaritans are conc...

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It’s vital that pension member communications are spot on in these uncertain times

As the government starts to taper down and wind up the financial support available via the furlough scheme, many believe more firms will start to take some tough decisions which could make job losses inevitable...