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About Broadstone

Broadstone is a leading, independent, UK consultancy delivering expert advice to employers, insurers and pension scheme trustees.

For over 40 years, Broadstone has been providing its clients with a wide range of specialist services including employee benefits consulting, pensions administration and actuarial services, investment consulting, insurance consulting across life, non-life and the Lloyds and London markets, credit risk services and a range of financial modelling and data analytics services. Broadstone is also a recognised leader in their redress calculation services.

Broadstone’s team of over 650 expert consultants and administrators, including more than 75 actuaries across nine UK offices, empowers its clients to navigate complexity and change confidently with, clarity, leadership and purpose, all delivered on a platform of exceptional service.

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What is a Pension Trustee?
There are over 25,000 trust based pension schemes in the UK. A trust-based pension scheme is a workplace or personal pension run by a group of trustees. A pension trustee is a critical figure in the operation and management of trust based pension schemes. They are responsible for the administration and oversight of these schemes, [...]
Broadstone Understanding Alcohol Dependance
Understanding Alcohol Dependence: A Growing Concern in the UK

Alcohol dependence is a pervasive issue affecting countless lives across the United Kingdom. Its impact extends beyond individuals to families and financial stability. In 2021, 250,991 people completed the Drinkaware Self-Assessment tool and 51% were either high-risk or possibly dependent drinkers. This recognition and studies like it, highlight the importance of addressing alcohol dependence. Recognising the […]

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Section 37 case a decision point for trustees and sponsors
Background Case Recap Virgin Media Limited was the principal employer of the National Transcommunications Limited Pensions Plan (the Plan), a contracted-out DB scheme. From 1997, contracted-out schemes had to satisfy the Reference Scheme Test (RST). Section 37 of Pension Scheme Act 1993 required that Scheme Rules cannot be altered unless the Trustees informed the scheme [...]
Over £31bn charity money sat idle
The Cash Conundrum Why are charities holding so much cash in the bank? In today's complex and volatile financial landscape, many charities find themselves grappling with elevated risks and challenges when it comes to sourcing funding and by default opt to keep their assets as ‘safe’ and as ‘liquid’ as possible. The latest data from [...]

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