Cervical Screening supporting employee health
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Cervical screening: supporting employee health

It’s Cervical screening awareness week 2022. So we want to help raise awareness of the importance of getting a cervical screening to prevent cancer. What is a cervical screening? In the UK women, trans men and ...

Health and Wellbeing how bank holidays benefit employees
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Health and Wellbeing: How bank holidays benefit employees

Health and wellbeing is one of the most important factors to look after in your employees. Without a well workforce, your business risks it’s most valuable asset, the staff. Street parties and cream tea f...

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Broadstone runners raise money for the British Red Cross Society Ukraine appeal

Since the first lockdown Broadstone has had a keen and active running club. Given our reach across the UK, we often have country-wide running events and challenges which has helped bring people together in a vi...

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During Mental Health Week 2022, be the reason someone reaches out for support

Monday 9th May 2022 marked the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week; the theme this year, is loneliness. In a 2021 government wellbeing survey, 6% of respondents (approximately 3 million people in England)...

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Stress Awareness Month: prevention and early intervention are better than waiting for the storm to pass

Since 1992, every April has been ‘Stress Awareness Month’, aiming to increase public awareness about the causes, early warning signs and cures in the modern stress epidemic. According to the Mental Health Found...

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Mental health at work: The impact of the rising costs of living

Stress is defined as the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. [1] It comes in many different forms, affects people in different ways. Causes can vary considerably fr...

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Broadstone Group Appoints Interim CEO

Broadstone Group, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits and pensions consulting businesses, has appointed Tony Gusmao as interim CEO. He joins the company with immediate effect as current CEO, Grant Stobart...

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The best way to think about January – it’s ‘walk your dog month’!

Blue Monday has gone, pay day still seems like it cannot come fast enough, and it is getting harder and harder to keep those New Year’s resolutions, right? The salads are getting boring, it’s cold and dark outs...

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What is Blue Monday, and why does it affect you as an employer?

It is safe to say that Monday is not many people’s favourite day of the week; whether it be Blue Monday or a random Monday in any given month. With the excitement of the festive period being over, personal goal...

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