Insurance, Regulatory and Risk

We are a dedicated team of insurance actuaries and financial services consultants

Insurance, Regulatory and Risk

Broadstone’s Insurance, Regulatory and Risk Consulting team is home to a seasoned team of subject matter experts including experienced actuaries, financial modellers, data analysts, systems developers and redress specialists. Our business has over 30 years of experience supporting a wide range of financial institutions covering a range of complex and specialist areas.

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Redress Solutions

With over 25 years’ experience, our team specialises in precise actuarial and redress calculations. We ensure regulatory compliance, safeguarding your business reputation while delivering fair compensation to both advising firms and investors.

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Credit Risk Services

Our team of consultants, specialists, and practitioners specialises in swift and precise credit risk activities for multiple lenders. We prioritise quality, accuracy, and robust governance to deliver optimal solutions.

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Life Insurance

Broadstone provides a range of specialist services designed for insurance companies to help improve procedures, reduce risk, save time and ultimately reduce costs and deliver robust and fair outcomes.

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Non-Life Insurance

We provide support to a variety of General Insurance companies on a day-to-day and project basis. From delivering professional and technical support for reserving and rating, to providing an experienced Chief Actuary.

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Modelling & Analytics

Our expertise extends beyond actuarial tasks. Our modelling team, covered by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Quality Assurance Scheme, guarantees the highest standards of consultancy throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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How We Help Your Business

Broadstone offers a comprehensive range of services designed to tackle complex business challenges. Our expert team ensures the most suitable solutions to meet your objectives. We build strong client relationships and effective service plans for optimal outcomes. Our consultancy services adhere to the highest quality standards, backed by the Quality Assurance Scheme from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Our clients are our priority. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service consistently. What sets us apart from other actuarial and financial services consultancies is our client engagement approach and innovative problem-solving methods.


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