Employee Wellbeing

Helping to improve the health of your people and your business

Measure, Educate and Support

An effective employee wellbeing strategy helps a company improve the risk profile of its most valuable asset, its people.

By supporting physical and emotional wellbeing, employers increase the engagement of their employees, increase productivity, improve retention, reduce absenteeism, and lower total benefits costs.

There are several ways employers can invest in a comprehensive wellbeing programme to help their employees understand their personal health risk profile and how to improve this over time.

An effective and sustained employee wellbeing programme may also reduce claims costs and associated premium increases on company funded health and protection plans.

Wellbeing support services can reduce the incidence of mental health and musculoskeletal claims, while health screening programmes can detect cancer at an early stage to improve treatment outcomes and identify drivers of future cardiovascular claims such as hypertension and high cholesterol.


A successful wellbeing strategy depends on understanding the What and the Why before deciding on the How. Being clear about what the employer is looking to achieve, and why, is critical to designing and implementing an effective strategy.

Broadstone’s wellbeing consulting model provides clients with a clear framework for addressing this increasingly important agenda, based upon an iterative cycle of Measure, Educate and Support, delivered with a clear, consistent, and engaging employee communication plan.

Independent Advice for Employee Wellbeing

We are experts in designing and implementing effective and engaging employee wellbeing strategies


All too often employers embark on wellbeing programs without a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve or why, and how they will measure success.

That’s why we believe that data is critical to understanding a company’s health risk profile, identifying its wellbeing objectives, and measuring progress against them.

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Wellbeing programmes are not just about helping employees understand, and improve, their personal health risk profile and so reduce their risk of illness.

An effective wellbeing programme must also support employees with the physical and emotional wellbeing concerns that impact them today.

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For wellbeing education programmes to be engaging and impactful they must be accessible, relevant, and authoritative.

We work with both insurers and clinical service providers to develop wellbeing education programmes relevant to the needs of all levels within a business, whether decision makers, team managers or front-line employees.

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Broadstone's Employee Wellbeing Model


  • Digital and face to face GP services
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Line manager absence management support
  • Occupational health referrals
  • Neurodiversity diagnosis and support
  • Menopause support
  • Fertility support


  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Claims/absence data review
  • Online Health Risk Assessments
  • Workforce mental health audits
  • Cancer risk profiling
  • Onsite Know Your Numbers days
  • Clinic screening programmes


  • Board level awareness programmes
  • Line manager mental health training
  • Employee health education webinars
  • Online information resources
  • Health & wellbeing comms calendars
  • DEI Training
  • Mental Health First Aid Training


  • Utilise digital platform delivery
  • Reach home, office and hybrid workers
  • Clearly communicate programmes
  • Make support services accessible
  • Optimise employee engagement
  • Maximise return on investment

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