Independent and Expert Guidance for Investors

We provide impartial and expert advice to a range of investors, including individuals, families, trusts, private and public companies, charities and other institutions.

Our deep expertise and multi-disciplined approach offers investment advice aligned with your long-term financial objectives

Our advice is free from any conflicts of interest unlike other financial institutions which may have their own products to sell

How we can help

Our clients have varying investment needs, concerns, and goals. We provide impartial investment advice within our team of experienced investment professionals to help with:

  • Setting long-term investment strategy and governance;
  • Implementation of the strategy through the careful selection of suitable investment managers;
  • Ongoing reviews to assess the success of the chosen investment managers on a risk-adjusted basis; and
  • The selection and ongoing monitoring of suitable cash-based investments.
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Our full investment advisory services

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Investment Strategy & Governance

By working in partnership to fully understand your circumstances, values, and financial aspirations, we deliver a clear investment strategy which reflects your goals, now and in the long-term. Our multi-disciplined approach includes:

  • Defining your investment objectives, philosophy, permissible investment universe, and any Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations;
  • For larger organisations or families, reviewing investment governance, allocation of roles/responsibilities, establishing a clear decision-making process;
  • Determining a suitable asset portfolio investment strategy;
  • Deciding the most appropriate way to gain exposure to each asset class;
  • Establishing and reviewing the framework and parameters for Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) decisions; and
  • Personal Financial Planning (PFP) for individuals and families on a range of issues such as life assurance, long-term cash flow, and retirement planning.
Financial Planning

Investment Manager Selection

When it comes to strategy implementation, we use our wide ranging investment manager research skills to coordinate a structured yet flexible process to select third party discretionary fund managers or choose a range of third party investment funds. Our approach is tailored to your preferences:

  • Coordinating a tailored process to select third party investment managers matched to individual investor requirements;
  • Reviewing wealth managers and specialist single asset class funds (across traditional and alternative asset classes), to help clients appoint the right investment managers with the appropriate credentials, offering, and track record for their mandate(s);
  • In-depth due diligence on existing and potential new appointments, including consideration of key contractual documentation;
  • Reviewing the investment managers’: people and organisation; investment process; proposed investment solution including ESG considerations; governance and controls; and quality of reporting; and
  • Ensuring investment manager fees are competitive.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations

Many clients are increasingly investing with ESG considerations in mind. We can help asset owners establish an appropriate ESG strategy:

  • Helping to navigate the growing and increasingly complex ESG investment landscape;
  • Designing and assisting to implement investment strategies aimed at achieving positive social and environmental outcomes; and
  • Helping investors avoid risks associated with social and environmental factors.

Portfolio Performance & Reporting

Developing investment objectives and implementing the agreed solution takes time and effort. It is imperative that the performance and activity of your investment manager(s) is regularly measured against specific and meaningful benchmarks. This includes:

  • In depth and impartial reporting, analysis and evaluation of investment performance; consideration of key drivers of investment returns including the impact of TAA and stock selection, currency hedging and market protection strategies.
  • Ongoing oversight of discretionary investment manager activity and how this aligns with the defined parameters.
  • Participation in investment review meetings and briefing on key issues for consideration.
  • Independent counsel on ad hoc investment queries.

Treasury & Risk Management

Cash is a hugely important but often neglected asset class. Our Treasury investment specialists have an in-depth understanding of the issues clients face with the liquidity component of their portfolios. We can assist with:

  • Advice on the selection of cash-based investments including deposits and government-backed instruments;
  • For individuals, trusts and family companies access to an innovative cash platform that provides the ability to diversify across a number of banks; availing of competitive interest rates and multiple regulatory protections, whilst keeping administration to a minimum;
  • Designing or reviewing a Treasury Investment Policy;
  • Assessing and mitigating counterparty credit risk whether we are recommending cash instruments for or supporting investment decisions; and
  • Advice on setting investment strategy, implementation, monitoring performance and benchmarking for low-risk cash, cash equivalent and fixed-income portfolios.
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