Pension Administration Services

Putting your members first

How we can help

At Broadstone we help clients and scheme members navigate the increasingly complex world of pensions. This comes from providing expert pensions administration services that focus on putting your members first.

All administrative services are provided by a single administration team dedicated to each client who take responsibility for all aspects of the administration of the pension scheme. Our investment into staff development ensures we have highly experienced administrators that deliver the right approach whilst maintaining the flexibility to meet different client requirements.

Our range of pension administration services and proprietary tools enable us to work with clients in a collaborative way that delivers the best experience possible for members. In both 2022 and 2023 we were voted the UK’s best third-party administrator by clients, providing real confidence in our services regardless scheme membership size.


We offer a full range of pension administration services

Our range of pension administration services include membership record keeping, pension payroll, member engagement, online member portal access and more. This means we can also build an administration package around your specific requirements.

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    Data management

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    Communications strategy

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    Online Member portals

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    Scheme accounting services

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    Payroll services

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    Member engagement and monitoring

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    Record keeping

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    Systems and procedures

Adminstration Quality

Efficient high-quality service

Our administration services are delivered in an integrated way with our actuarial and investment services; the whole team working together to enhance outcomes for our clients, irrespective of size. This offers a streamlined and consistently high-quality service for you and your members.

We use in-house software and invest in proprietary technology that ensures clients’ needs are met in the most efficient way possible. Our services have evolved to meet challenges such as GMP equalisation and Pensions Dashboards.

Our focus on staff development means clients and members will always speak to someone who knows the scheme. We do not outsource or centralise any aspect of our member services. We believe this approach provides continuity, trust, and builds long term relationships with our clients.

For more information about our pension administration services, speak to our team today.