Author: Nick Brazier

Employee Wellbeing

5 Clever Ideas to Improve Your Employee Experience

Written By: Nick Brazier | Last Updated: June 2023 Nick has over 25 years’ experience within the Financial Services industry – mostly with pensions and employee benefits. He is regulated adviser and re...


Pension top tips: treat your pension like your dog

It’s bring your dog to work day, so, the natural thing to do is write about pensions. As a nation of dog lovers (I have 2 dogs of my own) we need to share some of that love with your pension. More of us have pe...

How green are your employee benefits?
Employee Benefits

How green are your employee benefits?

Just when you thought you had your employee benefits package all nicely sorted out. There is another very important question one has to consider. Namely: how ‘green’ are your employee benefits? The environmenta...

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits in 2022

We have been talking to our HR and employee benefits experts here at Broadstone to see if we can gauge what the employee benefit world will look like in 2022. What is very clear is that the impact of the pandem...


From the E to the S to the G – why is it here, what is it and how does it affect me?

Read on if: You a member of a pension scheme. You have already heard of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or especially if you haven’t. You would like to know more about ESG in layman’s terms. Why i...

Financial Doodles
Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Financial wellbeing – what does it mean for your employees?

We know all about this by now – don’t we? Financial wellbeing seems to be the trend of the year and every HR or Employee Benefits conference has some aspect looking into this. But in practical terms what ...

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