Employee Benefits

Starting up in the UK

One of the challenges when starting up a new business in the UK is knowing what to do about employee benefits.

Whether you are expanding from another country, buying into an existing UK operation or just setting up your new venture from scratch, there are some legal requirements you need to meet, around benefits and related areas.

Then there are the expectations of your first employees and future recruits.

  • What levels of benefits will be sufficient not just to meet minimum requirements but to enable you to fulfil your immediate and future talent needs?
  • What budgets will be required to ensure you have the knowledge and skills your organisation needs not just at the start, but as it evolves?

If the future of the organisation depends largely on a few individuals continued contributions, how will you protect the organisation’s future against the loss of one or more of them?

Starting with the basics

This Start Up Guide takes you through key questions such as:

  • What must I do?
  • What should I consider?

It offers examples of which benefits have to be provided and which are often expected by new recruits depending on which sector they are coming from and their position.

Understanding your ideal benefits blueprint

Your circumstances and needs will be unique. There is no single benefits template for the right employee benefits strategy for every UK employer. You will have your own idea of the Employee Value Proposition you want to convey.

Equally you may want to just keep it as simple as possible and make longer term benefit decisions later on.

Either way the Guide explains how an adviser such as Broadstone should be able to help you reach the right mix and the right delivery.

To download a copy of our UK Startup Guide click here .

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