Employee health

Employee health

Prevention is better than cure: the business case for workplace health screenings

Routine medical screens are an essential part of maintaining optimal health year after year rather than, as many people do, only heading to the local GP after a problem arises. Whilst the NHS can offer a basic ...

Employee health

Top Industries That Provide Private Healthcare Benefits to Employees

A combination of the ever-increasing backlog of appointments, the additional new strain on NHS waiting times brought on by strikes, and the growing demand for access to services have meant many people have foun...

Employee health

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Written By: Brett Hill | Last Updated: March 2023 Brett has over 25 years’ experience in the health and protection market, having held senior positions with both insurers and intermediaries in sales, under...

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Employee health

As the NHS waiting list reaches staggering 7.2 million, private medical insurance (PMI) demand is on the up

Recent figures released by the British Medical Association (BMA) show that since 2019, England’s NHS waiting list has grown by a staggering 63% surpassing 7 million by the end of 2022. Worryingly for employers,...

Employee health

Cervical screening: supporting employee health

It’s Cervical screening awareness week 2022. So we want to help raise awareness of the importance of getting a cervical screening to prevent cancer. What is a cervical screening? In the UK women, trans men and ...

Employee health

Men’s Health Week 2022: what it means for employers

It’s Men’s health week 2022. And undoubtedly, time we removed the “man up” way of thinking from our society. Furthermore, we need to start taking men’s health more seriously. Men’s Health Week is of...

Nutrition in the workplace
Employee health

Five easy steps to improving employee nutrition

Nutrition is important. A healthy employee is a productive and motivated employee. And motivated employees are a key component to an engaged workforce. Whilst it may be hard to quantify ‘healthy’ with cold, har...

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Employee health

Diversity & inclusion – menopause

This Blog aims to provide some information on the menopause, as well as talking about my own experience of menopause in the workplace. For a long time, menopause has often been not talked about, misunderstood, ...

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Employee health

Are we all losing in the big NHS waiting game?

After two years of isolation, testing, lockdowns, and face masks; everyone seems to be grateful that we are finally learning to live with COVID-19. Since March 2020, the virus has been all over the daily news, ...