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During Mental Health Week 2022, be the reason someone reaches out for support

Monday 9th May 2022 marked the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week; the theme this year, is loneliness. In a 2021 government wellbeing survey, 6% of respondents (approximately 3 million people in England)...

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Good governance is worth its weight in gold

Pension scheme governance should not be viewed as a chore or even a tick box exercise – a message endorsed by all the pensions regulatory authorities. In fact, it should be approached with relish, recognising t...

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Diversity & inclusion – menopause

This Blog aims to provide some information on the menopause, as well as talking about my own experience of menopause in the workplace. For a long time, menopause has often been not talked about, misunderstood, ...

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Stress Awareness Month: prevention and early intervention are better than waiting for the storm to pass

Since 1992, every April has been ‘Stress Awareness Month’, aiming to increase public awareness about the causes, early warning signs and cures in the modern stress epidemic. According to the Mental Health Found...

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Is it possible to close the gender pay and pension gap?

Several reports released this month suggest that despite our best efforts the gender pay gap does not seem to be closing. The Fawcett Society cite the pandemic for slowing down progress in this area. They have ...

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Mental health at work: The impact of the rising costs of living

Stress is defined as the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. [1] It comes in many different forms, affects people in different ways. Causes can vary considerably fr...

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Are we all losing in the big NHS waiting game?

After two years of isolation, testing, lockdowns, and face masks; everyone seems to be grateful that we are finally learning to live with COVID-19. Since March 2020, the virus has been all over the daily news, ...

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On World Oral Health Day, are you helping to bring a smile to the faces of your staff?

Did you know that 53% of the UK population suffers from fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist?[1]. Many people choose to avoid visiting the dentist unless it is an emergency, or they are in extreme pain. Ot...

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International Women’s Day – bridging the gender pensions gap

How many of the above can you identify with, or your colleague, friend or family member is going through? I expect that every time you are going through one of these life-changing events, you do not firstly thi...

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