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Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Introducing financial wellbeing into the workplace

As a HR manager, or business leader, you may already have numerous programs in place that look after your employee’s physical wellbeing – subsidised gym membership or a cycle to work scheme for example. You may...

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Employee Benefits Pensions

Broadstone has acquired specialist IPMI and employee benefits consultancy – 3HR Benefits Consultancy

Broadstone, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits and pensions consulting businesses, has announced the acquisition of 3HR Benefits Consultancy. This move represents Broadstone’s third acquisition in as man...

Employee Benefits

Is it time to start offering ‘sleep’ as an employee benefit?

‘Spring forward, fall back’ – a simple but effective phrase to help us keep track of which way to wind our digital clocks twice a year, and as we relax into the losing of an hours sleep and lighter mornin...

Employee Benefits

Is a stand-out benefits package the key to staff retention in the legal sector?

The challenge It’s an unfortunate, yet relatively well-known secret in the legal sector that staff retention is of growing concern. The recruitment costs as well as the downturn in production when staff leave c...