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Brexit done?

So, after much drama, the UK and EU finally reached agreement on Christmas Eve on the key aspects of their future trading relationship following the UK’s exit from the EU. In the absence of traditional pantomim...

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2020 – a year full of challenges

I am not sure anyone could have predicted quite the year that 2020 would turn out to be. This is a personal perspective on what has happened over the past 12 months. The start of the year would have seen a numb...

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Independent schools exiting the Teachers’ Pension Scheme pass 200 at end of 2020

A Freedom of Information request sent to the Department for Education by Broadstone on 14 December has revealed that 207 independent schools have left the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) since the start of Janua...

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Cashflow Driven Investing: Taking animal spirits out of the funding plan

Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI) is an investment approach that helps defined benefit pension schemes with their funding efforts and can increase their likelihood of continuing to meet both their future cashflow...

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Trustees called to perform as the Cat in the Hat

It is easy to write something being a naysayer. That said I shall press on regardless. There appears to be a lack of clarity and consistency from those that set the regulatory and legal landscape in which trust...

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A TPS ‘phased withdrawal’ will soon be an option

So what does phased withdrawal involve? One of the many frustrations that independent schools regularly express regarding the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) is the fact that it has not been possible to simply ‘...

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DB scheme sponsors must prepare for the new funding regime – sooner rather than later

The funding regime for Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes is changing and there are significant implications for the sponsors of those schemes. Make sure you engage with your trustees at an early stage to avo...

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Our Response to The Pensions Regulator New Defined Benefit Funding Code

We submitted our response to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) on its thinking behind a new Defined Benefit (DB) Funding Code. In general we are supportive of the direction of travel TPR are going in. However, there...

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It’s vital that pension member communications are spot on in these uncertain times

As the government starts to taper down and wind up the financial support available via the furlough scheme, many believe more firms will start to take some tough decisions which could make job losses inevitable...