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DB scheme sponsors must prepare for the new funding regime – sooner rather than later

The funding regime for Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes is changing and there are significant implications for the sponsors of those schemes. Make sure you engage with your trustees at an early stage to avo...

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Our Response to The Pensions Regulator New Defined Benefit Funding Code

We submitted our response to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) on its thinking behind a new Defined Benefit (DB) Funding Code. In general we are supportive of the direction of travel TPR are going in. However, there...

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It’s vital that pension member communications are spot on in these uncertain times

As the government starts to taper down and wind up the financial support available via the furlough scheme, many believe more firms will start to take some tough decisions which could make job losses inevitable...

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DB transfers – forthcoming service standards

Defined benefit (DB) transfers can provide difficulties for Trustees and are often a source of frustration for members. Traditionally most such transfers would have taken place between two DB schemes, and such ...

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Coping with the new (ab)normals

In this surreal and unsettling world dominated by changes to cope with COVID-19, the term “new normal” has gained common usage. In so many ways the norms around the way the world operated before the virus struc...


Company financial difficulties – involving the pension scheme

In these challenging times for businesses, the risk of insolvency is at a heightened level. According to The Insolvency Service, 2019 saw the highest level of company insolvencies and administrations since 2013...

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COVID-19 impact on pension scheme mortality projections

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is undeniably having widespread human, social and economic costs around the globe, and government and business leaders in every country are focussing their efforts to control it...

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Becoming genuinely green

We are by now well used to news stories on climate change and its effects on weather and our environment. The growth in the number of severe weather events such as hurricanes, heavy rainfall and droughts, and t...

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Independent Schools – serious issues to contend with, including staff pension costs

Is it 2021 yet? Without question, this year has so far exhibited all the signs of being the toughest ‘annus horribilis’ for generations – and with 8 full months remaining it is very hard to imagine that people ...