Treat your pension like your dog
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Pension top tips: treat your pension like your dog

It’s bring your dog to work day, so, the natural thing to do is write about pensions. As a nation of dog lovers (I have 2 dogs of my own) we need to share some of that love with your pension. More of us have pe...

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Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Administration has often been viewed as the poor relation of the pension services available to Trustees. In football terms, we’re used to being like the referee – you need to have us to be able to play the game...

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Pension scheme engagement for employers

Since automatic enrolment was introduced in 2012, pension scheme participation has increased from 49% of employees in 2013 to 75% of employees in 2020. While this is a very positive development for employees of...

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A decade of RDR and auto enrolment – market & pricing changes over the last ten years and the impact on decisions made when setting up a pension

Ten years is a long time in most situations, but in the case of the last decade in the world pensions, it’s been game-changing – literally. Roll back the clock to 2010 or so, and as an employer, you had discret...

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Good governance is worth its weight in gold

Pension scheme governance should not be viewed as a chore or even a tick box exercise – a message endorsed by all the pensions regulatory authorities. In fact, it should be approached with relish, recognising t...


A consideration of mortality assumptions

From time to time your Scheme Actuary will talk to you about mortality and with ever-growing numbers of schemes using hedging within their investment strategy to reduce exposure to interest rate and inflation m...

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Rising inflation

When inflation was creeping up at the start of this year, it was expected to be a transitory phenomenon. However, we now know the expectation is that it will be with us throughout 2022. The Office for Budget Re...

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Is it possible to close the gender pay and pension gap?

Several reports released this month suggest that despite our best efforts the gender pay gap does not seem to be closing. The Fawcett Society cite the pandemic for slowing down progress in this area. They have ...

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The impact of high inflation for DB pension schemes

CPI inflation in the year to January was 5.4% – higher than at any other time in the last 30 years. Trustees and sponsors of defined benefit pension schemes need to make sure they understand the implicati...