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Investment Pensions

The wider responsibilities of investors

Regulatory involvement with the stewardship of companies is not new. The widespread benefits of good corporate governance have long been recognised. So also have the temptations to relegate those wider benefits...

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Queen’s Speech brings a mirage Pension Schemes Bill

We’ve been waiting an eternity for this Bill and its announcement is significant. I’ll briefly summarise what’s in and what’s not but before we continue on we should acknowledge that despite its significance th...

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Investment Pensions

A summary of new Regulator powers

Ever since the controversial end to BHS and its defined benefit (DB) pension scheme in 2017, which was then exacerbated by the demise of Carillion, the government has been looking at how it can toughen up the P...


Pension Scams – scourge on pensions

Background Pension scams,”trust busting”, pension or investment fraud and theft are not new in the world of pensions. Scammers have preyed on people’s pensions savings for many many years. However, the methods ...


The Regulator has extra powers and won’t be afraid to use them!

The Pensions Regulator has undertaken a re-brand of its regulatory message. ‘Clearer, quicker, tougher’. This is a new term, and one which we’re going to be hearing a lot of in the next few years. This is a def...

mind the gap

Mind the gap – it’s getting bigger!

The press has already reported on significant discrepancies between male and female pay in all sorts of industries.  No doubt when all companies report their figures by April 4th, analysis of the difference in ...

Investment Pensions

A tougher regulator ahead

The Government has this week published their White Paper on DB funding with two main themes and goals. A tougher regulator and an environment to encourage consolidation and innovation. It is clear the Governmen...


Do you know LISA?

From April 6th, it will be possible -if initially a little difficult – to open a Lifetime ISA (LISA) if you are over 18 and under 40 (that’s me out, then). The LISA is interesting as it has two key featur...


WASPI Campaign Hits the Buffers

WASPI CAMPAIGN HITS THE BUFFERS The WASPI campaign is one of the major stories in pensions over the past few years that has outlasted the repercussions of George Osborne’s pensions freedoms and continues to dom...