The Pensions Regulators (TPR’s) new powers – Fines

1 October 2021 may well be a watershed date in the history of pensions, but I don’t think anyone is going to prison. Many years ago in the aftermath of the Sir Robert Maxwell pension scandal we had swathes of n...


Join us in the fight against pension scams

The Pensions Regulator have recently launched a new initiative, in partnership with the Pension Scams Industry Group to help combat pension scams. They are asking Trustees and advisers to make a pledge to do al...


Company financial difficulties – involving the pension scheme

In these challenging times for businesses, the risk of insolvency is at a heightened level. According to The Insolvency Service, 2019 saw the highest level of company insolvencies and administrations since 2013...

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Fighting pension scams

Given the amounts of money contained in pension pots, they will always attract the attention of scammers. Although in some individual cases the amounts may fall short of those required to provide the member wit...