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Spring Statement Pensions Preview: A quiet fiscal event for pensions with tax tinkering to dominate

Complex consultations and General Election on the horizon could deliver quiet budget for pensions industry State Pension triple lock likely to be backed by Conservatives with tax cuts expected to dominate Broa...


Autumn Statement Webinar

On the 4 December 2023 we collated a great panel to discuss the DB aspects of the Autumn statement with particular focus on defining productive finance, Trusteeship developments, refund of surplus, public secto...

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David Brooks joins The Times Radio Show

David Brooks joined Rosie Wright this morning on the Times Radio discussing the business news. They discuss Cunard accused of using “fire and rehire”, foreign interest to buy The Telegraph, the importance of Bl...


A pensions free King’s Speech

Where does this leave us as an industry? The short answer is – waiting on the Autumn Statement as that is the likely moment for an announcement on what’s next for this government’s policy on pensions. We know t...


The Levy that broke the camel’s back

The General Levy – who would have thought something so mundane would have my inbox on fire with people voicing their concerns about the Government’s proposals? Before we get into the proposal, what is the Gener...


Broadstone’s Sirius Index – January to June 2023

In October 2022 we launched the Broadstone Sirius Index to understand the progress of our pension schemes as they proceed on their journey. We’d have been hard pressed to find a more interesting time to launch....


Think tank fever for pensions

There is a lot of innovative thinking happening at the think tank level and in HM Treasury aimed at the pensions industry and in particular making best economic use of the invested assets. There are literall...

Side view of two Caucasian women recording a radio talk show in a studio.

The return of the Broadstone Academy

The Broadstone Academy is back, and better than ever! This summer, Broadstone’s experts from across the business are using their wide-ranging experience in the pensions industry to give the next generation o...

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Rising inflation

When inflation was creeping up at the start of this year, it was expected to be a transitory phenomenon. However, we now know the expectation is that it will be with us throughout 2022. The Office for Budget Re...