Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

5 things you can do to help improve your employees’ Financial Wellbeing

By now, most people have felt the pinch of rising prices in some way. Fuel, food, electricity, and gas have all seen soaring price hikes in recent months – and it all adds up. What’s worse is that the cost of f...

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Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Rising inflation

When inflation was creeping up at the start of this year, it was expected to be a transitory phenomenon. However, we now know the expectation is that it will be with us throughout 2022. The Office for Budget Re...

Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Fiduciary Manager re-tenders – driving manager changes or just fee reductions?

With the initial compulsory fiduciary manager retender exercises now complete, we look back at the cases we’ve advised on over 2021 to see what the common themes were. Did many of these exercises result in a ch...

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Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Rising UK inflation

UK inflation in November continued to print at elevated levels. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show the annual rate of increase of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rising from 4.2% in October t...

Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Cashflow Driven Investing: Taking animal spirits out of the funding plan

Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI) is an investment approach that helps defined benefit pension schemes with their funding efforts and can increase their likelihood of continuing to meet both their future cashflow...

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Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Financial wellbeing – what does it mean for your employees?

We know all about this by now – don’t we? Financial wellbeing seems to be the trend of the year and every HR or Employee Benefits conference has some aspect looking into this. But in practical terms what ...

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Investment, financial wellbeing and planning

Introducing financial wellbeing into the workplace

As a HR manager, or business leader, you may already have numerous programs in place that look after your employee’s physical wellbeing – subsidised gym membership or a cycle to work scheme for example. You may...

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