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Employee wellbeing: combatting the cost of inflation

Employee wellbeing is being impacted by the surging cost of living. But what can employers do to help? Four months on from publishing ‘Get together to support mental health’, and everything is almost back to no...

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Get together to support mental health

It’s hard to think of any benefits to a global pandemic, but one could be a change in perception around mental health. The issue has been discussed at length and many well-known personalities, and even royalty ...

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2020 – The year we will almost certainly all want to forget. I will say no more.

As is tradition, a New Year brings us the opportunity for those new years’ resolutions. Instead of kidding yourself that you will remain teetotal through the year, or do 10 mile runs every day (regardless of th...

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Affordable healthcare offers an alternative to Christmas parties

At this time of year, firms are usually planning the annual Christmas party, whether that’s a lavish extravaganza at a plush hotel or a meal at a local restaurant. However, Christmas 2020 will look a lot differ...

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Why now is not the time to stop thinking about mental health

Various studies pre COVID-19 showed positive mental health was under greater pressure in the UK population than ever, but the current environment is without question going to add to that pressure – especially a...

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Why companies are now looking twice at health insurance

For a long time, private medical insurance has looked the same. It’s traditionally been for large corporations and high-level executives only, or a cash plan that requires people to pay out up front. But thanks...

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Broadstone urge employers to look at suicide prevention

Data from the Office of National Statistics reported that in 2019, the suicide rate for men in England and Wales was the highest for two decades – 4,303 men and 1,388 women – and Samaritans are conc...

Preventing drug and substance abuse in the workplace
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Tackling the tough topics – alcohol and substance abuse

Have you ever considered how prevalent alcohol and substance abuse is in your workplace? The 2017/18 Crime Survey for England and Wales found that around one-third (34.6%) of adults aged 16 to 59 had taken illi...