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Teachers’ Pension Scheme – Parliamentary questions

A recent question in Parliament addressed a controversial area where independent schools have taken steps to address their ongoing commitments in respect of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS). The question from...

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Join our webinar on Professional Corporate Sole Trusteeship with David Fairs from The Pensions Regulator

Please join us on Tuesday 25 May at 3pm for our webinar that will be of interest to anyone that is considering appointing a Professional Corporate Sole Trustee (PCST) to their scheme. Broadstone’s panel will be...

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Latest update – independent schools leaving the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

The position as at 25 March 2021 A recent Freedom of Information request from Broadstone has revealed that independent schools continue to inform the Department for Education of their intention to exit the Teac...

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The weather is changeable, but McCloud is now set fair for teachers

Background – public sector pension reforms The 2011 ‘Hutton report’ (a complete structural review of public sector pensions) recommended that all unfunded public sector defined benefit pension schemes wer...


TPS consultations – ‘lessons learned’ since 2018

So what has changed in the past couple of years? Broadstone has been working with independent schools in relation to their participation in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) since shortly after news of the 43%...

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Independent schools exiting the Teachers’ Pension Scheme pass 200 at end of 2020

A Freedom of Information request sent to the Department for Education by Broadstone on 14 December has revealed that 207 independent schools have left the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) since the start of Janua...

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A TPS ‘phased withdrawal’ will soon be an option

So what does phased withdrawal involve? One of the many frustrations that independent schools regularly express regarding the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) is the fact that it has not been possible to simply ‘...


Would a superfund be a “super” solution for your DB scheme?

Funding DB schemes is becoming ever more challenging Many employers with a defined benefit (DB) workplace pension scheme struggle to cope with the connected funding costs. Where the employer has chosen to maint...

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DB transfers – forthcoming service standards

Defined benefit (DB) transfers can provide difficulties for Trustees and are often a source of frustration for members. Traditionally most such transfers would have taken place between two DB schemes, and such ...