Broadstone’s Sirius Index – January to June 2023

In October 2022 we launched the Broadstone Sirius Index to understand the progress of our pension schemes as they proceed on their journey. We’d have been hard pressed to find a more interesting time to launch.

The index has been published monthly and is derived by interrogating the schemes loaded onto our Sirius integrated actuarial and investment platform thereby creating an average scheme.

Using this average scheme as our barometer, and tracking its progress accordingly, we can capture the key issues that schemes face on their journey to low dependency.

Since inception we have tracked two schemes with different hedging strategies:

  • Scheme 1 – has 50% interest/inflation rate hedging in place.
  • Scheme 2 – has 100% interest/inflation rate hedging in place.

We have analysed the data to June 2023 from the beginning of the year to give us an overview of the year to date.

In the following document which you can access at the link below we look at:

  • The experience across June 2023
  • The story of the year so far
  • What schemes should be doing now

You can download the BSI here.

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