Employee Wellbeing - Educate

Helping your employees to understand their health risks, and how to make positive changes

All wellbeing programmes involve an element of education intended to help employees understand how, by making changes in their lifestyle or working habits, they can reduce their personal risk profile and improve their physical and emotional health over time.

However, one size fits all wellbeing education programmes, based on generic wellbeing calendars, will typically fail to engage in a workplace where email overload is all too common.

For wellbeing education programmes to be engaging and impactful, they must be accessible, relevant and authoritative. At Broadstone we work with insurers and clinical service providers to develop wellbeing education programmes relevant to the needs of all levels within the business, whether decision makers, team managers or front-line employees.


Curated programmes that blend bite-sized communications with webinars and online or onsite training and awareness days can ensure your employees recognise, engage with and benefit from the investment you are making in their wellbeing.

Our consultants work in partnership with your HR and Reward teams to design and implement relevant and engaging employee wellbeing education programmes.

To find out more on the positive impact a well designed, implemented, and clearly communicated employee wellbeing strategy can have, read more about our wellbeing consulting model below:

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