Employee Wellbeing - Support

Wellbeing support services that make a positive difference to the health of your employees

Wellbeing programmes are not just about helping employees understand, and improve, their personal health risk profile and so reduce their risk of illness in the future, an effective wellbeing programme must also support employees with the physical and emotional wellbeing concerns that impact them today.

Traditional wellbeing support has relied heavily on employee assistance programmes, and these still have a vital role to play in supporting the emotional health of employees, not just with counselling services but also with support for debt or legal problems.

Digital GP and online physiotherapy services are also increasingly important in helping employees maintain their physical wellbeing, while occupational health services have a vital role to play in helping employees and employers manage the impact of ill health in the workplace.

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However, today’s multi-generational workforce can be faced with an array of differing needs, whether help with arranging care for elderly relatives, support with a neurodiverse condition, or treatment for fertility problems or menopause, and employers need a wide range of services at their disposal to either provide to employees directly or signpost employees towards in times of need.

Our consultants work in partnership with your HR and Reward teams to curate and deliver wellbeing support services that make a positive difference to the health of your employees and the health of your business.

To find out more on the positive impact a well designed, implemented, and clearly communicated employee wellbeing strategy can have, read more about our wellbeing consulting model below:

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