Dental Insurance Plans

Bringing a smile to your staff

Dental insurance plans support employers by helping to reduce short term sickness absence costs and increase productivity, while engaging employees with a popular and increasingly valued health benefit.

The UK dentistry market is changing fast, and most employers will be aware of the increasing difficulties faced by their employees when it comes to accessing affordable dental care. The UK has a shortage of dentists, with 45% of dentists having reduced their NHS work since the pandemic and the same number expecting to go fully private in future.

This can leave employees struggling in pain while waiting for a dental appointment or having to take extra time off to travel long distances to find affordable dental care.


Dental insurance plans provide cover for routine check-ups and maintenance costs such as scaling and polishing, regular dental procedures such as x-rays, fillings and extractions, and treatment for serious conditions such as major dental injuries or as oral cancer.

Dental insurance plans can also be convenient for employees, with some plans paying treatment costs directly to the dental practice so employees don’t have the worry of having to pay up front and then reclaim the cost.

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