International Private Medical Insurance

Meeting the healthcare needs of today’s globally distributed and workforce

International medical insurance supports employers by making sure their employees can access high quality medical treatment in countries around the world and is essential for those employers who have employees living and working in certain countries or frequently travelling between different countries because of the nature of their work.

International medical insurance is designed to support employees in countries that don’t have a publicly funded health system and often includes cover for a wide range of health requirements such as routine appointments with doctors and opticians, vaccinations, and maternity care, as well as digital GP and clinical second opinion services so employees can be reassured about their treatment needs if accessing treatment in an unfamiliar country.

Our Clients

International medical insurance plans can also include cover for emergency repatriation costs, essential if an employee were to fall seriously ill overseas and need a medical transfer back to their home country for treatment.

Broadstone is a member of the Assurex global broker network, which allows us to draw upon specialist local knowledge from expert partners around the world to provide a holistic perspective on your global employee benefits programme. Where our clients have business operations in countries with insurance laws that require the use of a local insurance broker, we work with our Assurex partners to deliver co-ordinated international benefits programmes that comply with all national regulatory requirements.

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