Employee benefits and good communications
Employee Benefits

Bespoke employee benefits and great communications

Employee benefits and great internal communications are the key to engagement success.

Here’s why…

Your employees are one of your most valuable stakeholders. So it’s important to appreciate their value. One way to do this is to consistently think about the employee journey and what it means to work for your business.

Focus on the journey

If employee engagement refers to the relationship between an organisation and its employees. Internal communications refers to the actual journey itself. Unfortunately, this is something not all organisations are focusing on enough. Just like one might invest in tracking a customer journey, forward-thinking organisations see the importance of tracking an employee journey. Things have moved on from simply handing out a welcome pack to new joiners. Employees are demanding more, and switched on companies are providing it.

Invest in your communications

Some large companies do this by investing in Internal Communication Directors or Chief Experience Officers to oversee touchpoints where employees could have a positive or negative experience.

However, there is often a famine or feast approach. Some companies offer very little to staff, or, alternatively, staff are bombarded with information on a daily basis. Both approaches are dangerous in that they can alienate staff or even detract from the message you want to get across. It’s important to clarify your internal communication messages and ask if they are reaching the right staff at the right time.

Personalise your communication messages

Ideally, to ensure the relevant messages are going to the correct staff members, we advise segmenting your message(s). If this seems an impossible task for your HR team or it sounds expensive, let us assure you that it isn’t. What’s more, this type of personalisation, perhaps based on gender, life stage or length of service, will ensure that your staff feel valued. One easy way to accomplish this could be through an employee benefits platform.

Don’t just allow employees to choose from a standard list of benefits. You can now use a platform to send tailored communications to specific individuals/groups based on what might be relevant or exciting to them.

Finding the right platform

In a busy marketplace it can be difficult to find your ideal solution. But, at Broadstone we’ve developed Flexcel to be as flexible as you need to meet your requirements. It can also incorporate existing benefits or introduce new ones. It takes away the hassle of clunky administration. Your staff will love the fact they can access their secure data 24/7 from anywhere. Your company will love the fact you can upload communications news to all, or segments of your staff as and when you need to. This valuable tool offers a quick and easy way to share the company vision as well as key messages.

How do you know what benefits your staff want?

Employees who are listened to will always feel more invested in your business. And of course, the more you know your staff, the more you can personalise your benefits offering and overall message to staff.

Listening to employees’ and providing what they want makes a positive difference to your business culture. When it comes to employee benefits, providing a range of options is vital as not everyone will want or need the same thing at the same time. Thanks to our innovative technology you can build relationships and bring your staff along with you. All you have to do is ask what they want. Our experienced team can help you through design, implementation and review.

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