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Health and Wellbeing: How bank holidays benefit employees

Health and wellbeing is one of the most important factors to look after in your employees. Without a well workforce, your business risks it’s most valuable asset, the staff.

Street parties and cream tea for the historic Platinum Jubilee!

Bank holidays are always welcome time off in the UK.

And they’re good for your health.

In February this year Her Majesty the Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Therefore, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. As a result, the Jubilee will go down in history. A very fitting achievement for a monarch that said on her 21st birthday;

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” (1947 Queens speech: Royal UK)

Furthermore, the unprecedented event will be celebrated with a four-day bank holiday weekend. As well as, many official and regional celebrations beginning on Thursday 2nd June. Several public events will be held. Street parties, national moments of reflection over her 70 year reign. And finally, a Service of Thanksgiving.

Bank holidays and benefits

Royalist or not, the British public can all appreciate the benefits of these bank holidays.

After an eventful and challenging couple of years, the importance of community, and appreciating time with loved ones is paramount.

As well as much needed selfcare, and time to switch-off from the pressures of work and daily responsibilities. Without this we can become overwhelmed, and this can impact our physical and mental health. As a result of mounting pressures at the end of January this year according to NHS statistics:

1.54 million people were in contact with mental health services, at the end of January. The majority of these (1,033,561) were in contact with adult services. (

Paired with an extensive NHS back log of patients awaiting services and treatment for physical illness. In the aftermath of the pandemic, with this in mind, any measures to prevent medical issues are best for the workforce.

Subsequently, the British Medical Association recently published NHS data analysis to highlight the issue.

The total number of patients waiting over 18 weeks for treatment now exceeds 2 million, while the number of patients waiting over one year for treatment stands at almost 300,000.

This is 186 times the number waiting over a year pre-pandemic in February 2020.

In February 2022 the average patient spent 13.1 weeks waiting for treatment. (British Medical Association: April 22)

Health and wellbeing

There are numerous health and wellbeing benefits to having time off work.

Days off help employees to relax and reduce stress levels. Helping to better manage mental health. People need to recharge their batteries and do the things that they enjoy. This also supports creativity and productivity when returning to the workplace.

At Broadstone, many of us are looking forward to the extended bank holiday. With some of us even joining in with the jubilee merriments, reflecting on Her Majesty’s lengthy reign.

Health & wellbeing specialist Amy Lamb said of the occasion,

“Considering what the Queen has overseen during her time on the throne, it highlights her strength and unwavering dedication to the Great British public. The Queen’s leadership and steadfastness is undeniable and to be admired.”

Our Redditch office is also hosting a tea party to celebrate the jubilee. The dress code of course being red, white, and blue!

Encouraging employee selfcare

It is important for employers to encourage staff to take time off and recharge their batteries. And important for employees to remember to do what makes them happy, and not feel guilty about having leave.

So, why not use this occasion as a reason to host a tea party in your offices?

Enjoy a team jubilee picnic in the sunshine. Or even get together for a drink to toast our Queen.

After all, social time and connecting with colleagues outside of a professional capacity is just as important for motivation and wellbeing. As well as other employee benefits that maintain a happy and healthy workforce.

Join in with the Jubilee

Finally, join in.

See the celebrations. Join the Platinum Jubilee story on social media using #HM70 and #PlatinumJubilee.

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