Broadstone partners with Fruitful Insights to boost wellbeing offering

Broadstone, a leading independent employee benefits and pension consulting firm, has partnered with Fruitful Insights to provide actionable data to employers and their employees over the impact of their wellbeing strategies.

The partnership will support Broadstone in helping its clients uncover the drivers behind impaired wellbeing and performance in their businesses, an area that is set to grow in importance as the cost-of-living crisis increases anxiety.

Fruitful Insights’ data and analytics technology will help businesses accurately measure and analyse how wellbeing is impacting employees. This enables employers to improve their strategies by helping them prioritise next steps to boosting wellbeing and therefore creating a happier, more productive workforce.

The platform also aims to provide employees with a clear view of their current wellbeing status as this becomes an increasingly important aspect of job satisfaction compared to salary and career progression.

Paul McGuckin, Head of Employee Benefits at Broadstone, said: “It can be difficult to accurately measure and quantify the positive impact of an effective employee benefits strategy.

“This partnership with Fruitful Insights will now give us detailed datasets to highlight to our clients exactly where their strategy is succeeding and where improvements can be made. This will help businesses tailor their approach to support their employees.

“We are already seeing employers respond to the cost-of-living crisis by increasing the support they are providing to protect the health and wellbeing of employees. The ability to highlight the strategic benefits of this investment is key. There is an immediate advantage for employees too who will get bespoke detail on their own wellbeing as well as information for where to find additional help.”

Mike Tyler, Chairman of Fruitful Insights, said: “Broadstone takes a highly personalised and holistic approach to designing creative employee benefits strategies for their clients. So, we are delighted to help the team quantify and enhance their proposition via Fruitful Insight’s advanced data-led capabilities.

“Employee benefits is an increasingly important area of staff attraction and retention, and this will only rise further up the priority list of employees as we enter a challenging economic cycle. Taking a wide-lens perspective that incorporates health, financial education and culture among a huge range of other factors will be of the utmost importance to maximising the impact of wellbeing strategies.”

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