Health & wellbeing plans for your employees

We’ve partnered with Bupa to offer the next generation of health assessment and ongoing wellbeing support for employees.

Tailored health and wellbeing plans

Even before COVID-19, the health and wellbeing needs of employees had gone beyond simple health checks. We’ve partnered with Bupa Health Clinics to offer a range of tailored plans and assessments that go beyond a standard in-centre assessment.

Now, there’s something for everyone, whether they’re at the desk or working from home. We’ll work with you to choose a range of support for your people, in a way that works for them. Whether that’s face-to-face, at your workplace or through a smartphone. Or a combination of all three. Simply choose which of our five plans, and any additional services, match yours and their needs.

The key benefits to your people

Support has moved beyond a standard in-centre assessment. Each employee is now looked after in a more holistic way. Not only are the health plans tailored to your people, they will receive valuable insight on their overall wellbeing and lifestyle in order to understand and tackle costly health issues specific to them.

Personal to your people

Each person can focus on their own lifestyle and goals, so there’s no pressure to become a gym-goer.

Support for body and mind

We get to know the way people move, think and feel. Because mental health is just as important as physical health.

365 days of better health

With the Bupa plans, you’ll receive two coaching calls and relevant content to keep your people motivated.

They’ll even get access to our 24/7 nurse-led helpline and online mental wellbeing programmes.

One tap away

Every plan is supported by the Bupa Be.Me app – a base for everything health and wellbeing. Ideal for the busiest lives.

The key business benefits

More productive – Encouraging positive change can lead to your people feeling healthier inside and out, potentially reducing absence and boosting productivity. Time-saving features, like prescription writing* during doctor time, can make a big difference too. (*Only with plans that include time with a doctor).

More attraction – Attract and retain talent by enhancing your benefits package and showing your support for the wellbeing of each and every person.

More empowerment – People perform better when they’re feeling at their best. These plans give them the tools to help take control of their health and the confidence to seek support before small worries become larger problems.

More insight –Understanding what affects your people the most is an important step in developing a healthier culture. That’s why you will be provided with regular management information (MI) on the health and wellbeing of your workforce to guide you* (*Minimum group size required, data is anonymous).

8 out of 10 Customers changed their lifestyle

Source: Bupa Health Clinics – internal data – 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2019 health assessment outcomes relating to our previous product range. Based on 1,325 customers. Customers questioned about their wellbeing while on their second lifestyle coaching call.

Five plans and additional services to choose from

Be.Me – An affordable plan designed to help all employees take control of their health from the convenience of their smartphone. It’s completely digital and they can go at their own pace.

Be.Motivated – For those who are curious about their health. They’ll get to look at lifestyle changes with a health adviser and get tips on how to make them last.

Be.ReadyAs well as empowering employees to make positive changes, this plan includes time with a doctor so they can learn how to manage potential health concerns.

Be.Reassured – If they’ve got something on their mind, extra time with a doctor can be used to explore their health more, looking at further risks where clinically indicated.

Be.Ahead – Help employees take their wellbeing to the next level with the support of a health adviser, doctor insight and an advanced fitness test.

Additional service – menopause support

Menopause is a natural part of life, but for many, it can be tricky to navigate. That’s why Bupa are doing more for women’s health by offering invaluable support via their 12 month Menopause Plan which includes an initial appointment and post session check with an experienced menopause trained GP.

For more information, click here for to view a vast array of information from Bupa on this subject.

Download our Menopause Plan Brochure.


For those companies who would like to provide an affordable plan to the whole of workforce this can be from as little as £5 per employee per annum.  The Be.Me app includes an online mental wellbeing programme, nurse helpline and the ability to set goals and compete in workplace challenges.

From as little as £148, the Be-Motivated screen includes the usual health checks giving employees reassurance and a clear action plan with coaching calls included.  If you are looking to include extra health checks and quality GP time you can consider Be.Ready for £354.

Screening programs can be arranged on a company paid basis or offered to employees on a self-pay basis using the Broadstone ‘clients of’ scheme gaining access to the discounted rates.

How does it work?

Whether you are an existing client of Broadstone or a new customer, our discounted rates on Bupa Health Clinics’ plans are available to everyone.

If you are a current client of Broadstone, please click the relevant button below or contact your usual Account Manager for more details. If you are a new customer, please click the relevant button below to find out more or set up your plan.