Governance and Investment Advice

Helping your employees make informed choices.

Is your DC or workplace savings arrangement meeting your and your employees’ objectives? If the answer is in doubt, we would suggest implementing effective outcome-focused governance measure.

8% (or more) of your annual payroll is likely to be invested into your DC pension scheme – a significant investment for both employee and employer. It is, therefore, imperative to monitor that your DC provider/scheme is performing as expected and ultimately meeting your employees’ financial needs.

We see significant variability in the performance of DC providers/schemes; therefore, recommend to review your DC/workplace savings arrangements at least once a year.

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We can help

We provide advice in all aspects of DC oversight, including:

  • Secretarial support and MI reporting
  • Peer-group comparison
  • Fee benchmarking
  • SLA monitoring
  • Investment performance monitoring
  • Bespoke investment strategy design and implementation
  • Retirement adequacy analysis
  • Provider reviews

Good pensions governance provides reassurance for your business that the scheme is being run well and providing the right outcome for you and the scheme members. Our governance services are tailored to your specific needs. Contact our pension and investment experts now to have a no-obligation discussion.

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