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Why Flexcel?

✓ Improve employee engagement and communication

✓ Recognise and reward your employees

✓ 24/7 access to perks and benefits

✓ Centralise your benefits on one platform

50+ ready to go employee benefits

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  • Shopping and discounts
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Private medical cover
  • Dental insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Cycle to work
  • Online GP

  • Phone insurance

  • Pension
  • Mortgage advice
  • Tech and wearables
  • Health screening

and many more! 

What’s included with our employee benefits platform?

Employee discount schemes 

Employee discount schemes are a great way to help your employees feel valued.

From mobile phones to gym membership, from restaurants to car hire, we can help you build an employee discount scheme that’s right for your business.

Employee communication

Managing efficient and accurate communications is our priority.

Our two-way communications process is designed to ensure that employees understand their options, can engage and ask questions and understand the value of what is being provided by their employer.

two employees talking in glass office

Employee assistance programmes

Not only is an Employee Assistance Programme recognised by employees as a valuable benefit, but, if chosen carefully, one that can offer a good return on investment for the employer.

Its core objective has wide-reaching implications, not least, to help address the growth in mental wellbeing and personal issues that many people are facing today. Implementing the right programme that suits your workforce is key.

Employee financial education

We offer modules, allowing employees to make informed choices regarding health and financial issues or be signposted to other means of associated help.

Not only does this approach help alleviate some of the worries they may be feeling about such issues, but it also gives them a sense of empowerment.

The ability to proactively address their concerns can be completely in their hands, all the while, being supported by you as their employer.


Employee benefits

As an employer, we know that you want three key things from your benefits platform – less manual processing, less risk of making a mistake and greater control.

With Flexcel, you get all of this in abundance; our employee benefits software platform is as flexible and accessible as you need it to be.

Not only is the admin easier, you can manage every facet of your benefits offering with simple reporting and data at your fingertips to help you refine and improve elements wherever and whenever you want.

Ready to build a tailored experience your employees will love?

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