Broadstone partners with Workstars to celebrate the achievement of UK employees

  • A partnership to boost Broadstone’s employee recognition offering.
  • Workstars’ proven SaaS platform is easy to integrate and helps celebrate success. 

Broadstone, a leading independent pensions, employee benefits, and investments consultancy, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Workstars.

The partnership enables Broadstone to offer Workstars’ industry-leading employee recognition SaaS platform to its corporate clients. This will enable businesses across the UK, as well as internationally, to boost their employee engagement strategy by celebrating the success of their colleagues.

The Workstars platform lets businesses configure their own employee recognition programme encompassing online rewards and social recognition which can be easily integrated onto existing work communications channels.

Employers benefit from valuable insight into their workforce such as ‘undercover achievers’ and a SaaS platform that is scalable for businesses of all sizes and locations.

As one of the leading specialist employee benefits consultancies in the UK, Broadstone has spent the last 30 years working collaboratively to drive positive change in the employee benefits sector. There has never been a more critical time to help ensure the health and financial wellbeing of the workforce, whether that is for thousands of people across a large multinational corporation or a small start-up.

Andrew Mobberley, Head of Sales at Broadstone, said: “Employee recognition is an important and often overlooked weapon in many businesses’ employee benefits strategy. Given that more employees than ever before are working more flexibly, keeping everyone connected and engaged can be a challenge.”

“We all want to be appreciated in our places of work and the innovative, automated features and services from Workstars create a market-leading platform for making employees feel valued and motivated. The feedback from Workstars’ existing clients has been hugely positive and we can’t wait to start showing our clients the benefits they can harness from implementing this technology.”

Andrew Greenwood, Sales Director at Workstars, commented: “Broadstone are very well-connected in the employee benefits industry and it is exciting that our innovative platform will be able to reach hundreds of new corporates. Our mutual dedication to creating vibrant, productive workplaces is a solid foundation for our partnership.

“The current economic climate will be worrying for millions of people in businesses up and down the UK and this anxiety will only be compounded by job dissatisfaction or the feeling that people are not valued by their employer. Recognition of employees’ achievements is crucial to engaging the workforce and keeping motivation high.”

About Workstars

Workstars is a market-leading employee recognition platform that helps local and global HR teams deliver a sustainable boost to their employee engagement strategies.

Working alongside forward-thinking HR professionals across 71 countries, Workstars supports companies in a variety of industries from 50 staff, up to those with tens of thousands – all of whom have reduced the role of managers and embraced recognition from an employee’s perspective.

A free-to-launch SaaS provider, Workstars’ configurable reward catalogues match any strategy with no minimum reward volume commitment.

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