Grant Stobart

Chief Executive Officer Contact Grant

Natasha Glasgow

Chief Commercial Officer Contact Natasha

Nick Jones

Chief Financial Officer Contact Nick

Paul McGuckin

Head of Employee Benefits Contact Paul

Nigel Jones

Director, Head of Consulting & Actuarial Contact Nigel

Paul Bowden FIA

Head of Administration Contact Paul

Paul Frost APMI

Client Relationship Director Contact Paul

Craig Williams

Director, Employee Benefits Contact Craig

Liz Kane

Head of Compliance Contact Liz

Angela McGough

Head of Human Resources Contact Angela

David Brooks

Technical Director Contact David

Andrew Mobberley

Head of Sales Contact Andrew

Kim Sraidi

Head of Operations Contact Kim

Gerry Walsh

Actuarial Director Contact Gerry

Rachel Meadows

Head of Proposition - Pensions & Savings Contact Rachel

Susan Bourke

Head of Proposition - Risk & Health Contact Susan

Robin Watkins

Principal Contact Robin

Vijay Shah

Actuarial Director Contact Vijay

Neil Barton

Head of Business Development - Trustee Solutions Contact Neil

David Pye

Head of Client Consulting Contact David

John Newman

Director of Group Schemes Contact John

Geoff Carr

Corporate Benefits Director Contact Geoff

Luigi Caporaso

Actuarial Manager Contact Luigi

Gavin Giles FIA

Senior Actuarial Director Contact Gavin

Iain Tait FFA

Consulting Actuary Contact Iain

Jaime Norman FIA

Consulting Actuary Contact Jaime

Mark Channon FIA

Consulting Actuary Contact Mark

Michael Harvey FIA

Head of Bristol Actuarial Contact Michael

Russell Walmsley FIA

Actuarial Team Leader Contact Russell

Nick Mellor FIA

Investment Consulting Team Leader (Bristol) Contact Nick

Takako Nagata

Head of Proposition - International Risk & Health Contact Takako

Alan Carey

Head of London Actuarial Contact Alan

John Broome Saunders

Actuarial Director Contact John

Chris McCarthy

Pensions Consultant Contact Chris

Claire Barton

Actuarial Consultant Contact Claire

Susan Siddall

Senior Pensions Administrator Contact Susan

Mary Beckingsale

Actuarial Consultant Contact Mary

Beau Flanaghan

Actuarial Consultant Contact Beau

Debbie McLean

Principal Contact Debbie

Ceri Torrance

Team Leader & Consultant Contact Ceri

Julie Conner

Operations Manager - Risk and Healthcare Contact Julie

Fiona White

Administration Team Leader Contact Fiona

Marc Davies

Head of Pension Administration (Bristol) Contact Marc

Richard Emery

Deputy Head of Administration (Bristol) Contact Richard

Louise Randall FPMI

Senior Pensions Consultant Contact Louise

Nic Coleclough FIA

Investment Consultant Contact Nic

Ruth Pearse FPMI

Senior Pensions Consultant Contact Ruth

Sunita Northbroke APMI

Pension Consultant Contact Sunita

Kathryn Oatway

Group Risk Team Leader Contact Kathryn

Emma Machin

Consultant Contact Emma

Andrew Blain

Consulting Actuary Contact Andrew

David Hamilton FIA

Consulting Actuary Contact David

Karina Snook

Deputy Head of Administration (Bristol) Contact Karina

Steven Crosby

Administration Team Leader Contact Steven

Vicky Sims

Administration Team Leader Contact Vicky

Emma Speakman

Senior Pensions Consultant Contact Emma

Hatty Goodwin

Senior Pensions Consultant Contact Hatty

Tim Russell FIA

Senior Investment Consultant Contact Tim

Neil Jenkinson

Actuarial Analyst Contact Neil

Jackie McNeill

Group Risk Technical Analyst Contact Jackie

Penny Stanley

Actuarial Director Contact Penny

Holly Chard APMI

Pension Administration Team Leader Contact Holly

Catherine Fenton APMI

Senior Pensions Consultant Contact Catherine

Ben Salmons

Actuarial Technician Contact Ben

Matt Dorrington

Senior Consultant Contact Matt

Naveed Riaz

Senior Corporate Benefits Consultant Contact Naveed

Bronia Widdows

Senior Financial Planning Consultant Contact Bronia

Andy Thomson

Actuarial Director Contact Andy

Mike Calder

Actuarial Director Contact Mike

Ann-Marie Dickson

Actuarial Director Contact Ann-Marie