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Occupational Health Service

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Occupational Health

We understand that for an employer it is a real challenge to fully understand the complex issue of what is a best in class modern Occupational Health service. Then, selecting an appropriate Occupational Health service provider who will provide you with the service you need from the myriad of providers in the market adds an extra element of uncertainty.

Occupational Health is a specialist branch of medicine focussing on health in the workplace, concerned with the physical and mental well-being of employees. The service must be able to support organisations providing good advice on work related illnesses and accidents, managing referred absence cases, carrying out effective pre-employment assessments and monitoring  the health of employees.

Additionally, it is a requirement under health and safety legislation for employers to protect employees against potential workplace hazards. In addition to this requirement, several individual pieces of employment and health and safety legislation make it clear that specific interventions by medical personnel are required.

These include:

  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Management of health and safety at work regulations
  • Manual handling regulations
  • DSE regulations

The service must be able to provide a full range of services to support these obligations, such as safety critical assessments, audiometry, respiratory surveillance, Havs, skin surveillance etc.

Broadstone Occupational Health service

Using our extensive market knowledge and influence, we have selected a best in class provider for this service, and we will continuously monitor their performance on your behalf. We have also used our purchasing power to secure competitive fees.

To access the service, there is a one off fee of £400, £250 of which covers the first year’s cost for our OH Adviceline. On appointment, we will implement the service and manage it on an on-going basis, provide you with an account manager and attend to the contracting formalities. When you need to utilise services, you will access these through a dedicated helpline/e-mail address, and you will be invoiced by BHSF OH on a monthly basis for all services delivered.

In summary this service provides you with:

  • A “Best in Class” comprehensive Occupational Health service
  • A quality service with competitive fees
  • A service that meets all your Occupational health needs
  • A service that is easy to access and use
  • A service where you pay just for the services you use
  • Security in knowing that this is a service developed utilising Broadstone market knowledge and influence



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