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IT SQL Developer

  • Location: Sheffield, UK
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Hours: Full Time
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Uploaded: 21/01/2019
  • Closing: 31/03/2019

Summary of role

Working with other members of the IT department, reporting directly to the local IT Site Manager and ultimately to the Head of IT, the IT SQL Developer’s chief responsibilities include the analysis of source data prior to its import/migration into the main administration platform used by the company.

The IT SQL Developer will also be required to perform second and third line support to non-technical members of staff, help train junior members of the IT department, integrating themselves with the existing IT team and their skillset, and performing any other jobs assigned to them by the local IT Site Manager.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Creation of new and optimisation of existing queries in the T-SQL/Microsoft SQL dialect,
  • Creation and maintenance of SQL databases including security management using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS),
  • Migration of data into Broadstone’s primary administration platform:
    • Analysis of data in any given format such as CSV, TAB or other bespoke/non-standard legacy database exports and backups
    • Manipulation and normalisation of this data using the most suitable tools,
    • Using a provided data map document to prepare the migration of data,
    • Import of data into the in-place administration platform using whichever technique (bulk loads, SSIS, etc.) is deemed most appropriate,
    • Comparison of pre and post-migrated data for reconciliation purposes,
  • Training junior team members and other members of staff in the use of SSMS and associated technologies,
  • Travel to remote working from any of the Broadstone business sites.

Skills and experience

A successful candidate must demonstrate the following skills or qualities:

  • Attention to detail,
  • Very strong problem-solving skills,
  • Capable working alone and as part of a team,
  • Able to plan, manage & deliver projects and to produce work to deadlines,
  • Familiarity with the Data Protection Act (2018), the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the principles defined therein.

Technical Proficiencies


  • Strong proficiency with SQL, especially the T-SQL dialect,
  • Experience migrating large data sets from one storage mechanism and format to another,

The company employs a variety of technologies in its IT infrastructure, experience with the following is essential:

  • Microsoft software:
    • Windows Server (specifically 2008 R2 and 2016),
    • Windows 7 & 10 (Enterprise),
    • Communication systems (i.e. Exchange 2010 and Skype for Business server & client),
    • Active Directory & Windows domain management (including system policies),
    • Web server technologies (Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTPd),

Strong comprehension of the following fundamental concepts: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS including SSL/TLS,


In addition to the essential proficiencies listed above, some experience or familiarity with the following would be desirable:

  • Experience with software version and revision control systems, especially Subversion,
  • Understanding of XML and XSD in order to produce schema-valid import documents,
  • Service Desk software (e.g. support helpdesk),
  • Server and virtualisation platforms:
    • EMC SAN solutions,
    • VMWare, vSphere (or equivalent, e.g. VirtualBox, Hyper-V).
  • LAMP based software and services, such as:
    • Ubuntu server,
    • Apache HTTPd & Tomcat servlet container,
    • Bind9 DNS service,

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