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Achieving great results through a simple process

Achieving Financial Goals

Underpinning our investment consulting service is continual, rigorous research and analytics. This allows us to keep abreast of legislative, social and economic issues, enabling us to accurately help trustees achieve their long-standing financial goals in the best way possible. Our comprehensive service seamlessly integrates with our scheme actuarial services. Our aim is to maximise your pension scheme value, whilst minimising risk to members’ retirement benefits.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing manager research and performance monitoring
  • Risk analysis and reports
  • Proactive advice on industry and market developments
  • Support with governance and day to day issues
  • Market data, commentary, surveys and regular client bulletins
  • Annual health check reviews
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Our six-step review process delivers premium levels of support

Step 1: Asset and Liability Modelling

  • We assess your scheme’s potential returns including simulating potential outcomes
  • We examine alternative asset allocations that reduce risk but retain return on investment

Step 2: Objectives and Constraints

  • Alternative investment strategies may be considered
  • We analyse the impact of alternative funding and investment plans and track their overall performance
  • We incorporate trigger points to change asset allocation to those most likely to deliver long term

Step 3: Manager Structure

  • We help you decide on a manager structure taking factors such as risk, asset allocation, budget and objectives into account
  • Where there is a need for dynamic de-risking, or to access funds, an investment platform may be considered

Step 4: Manager Research

  • Conducted internally using analytics software, we help you select skilled professional investment managers

Step 5: Transition Management

  • Where required, we assist in the smooth transition of assets including planning, reconciliation and reporting at minimal disruption, cost and risk

Step 6: Monitoring and Reporting

  • We continually monitor and reappraise your scheme’s position against global performance
  • We report on each fund manager, considering qualitative factors as well as performance and any changes in the organisation or personnel that may be relevant

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