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We help institutional investors with their investment challenges. We work with Trustees and sponsors to help them with all aspects of their investment strategy.

Our comprehensive service seamlessly integrates with our scheme actuarial services. Our aim is to deliver high-quality and proactive advice in a clear and pragmatic way, delivering value to your investment arrangements.

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Meet Sirius, our Actuarial and Investment Software

Sirius allows us to provide integrated actuarial and investment advice to trustees and sponsors of defined benefit schemes. We base this advice on the real-time information we get from Sirius regarding the funding level of your scheme and your scheme’s end-game objectives.

Our full investment services

We provide services covering all the main areas of investment consulting advice.

Investment strategy advice

Helping our clients set clear strategic objectives is the most important step, following which we apply a logical approach to our asset allocation and liability hedging advice, consistent with these objectives and our clients’ preferences.

We work with every scheme to deliver a tailored strategy based on their individual investment beliefs, objectives, timescales and risk appetite. We use third party and proprietary modelling tools to help formulate the strategy, but crucially we also use our experience to apply judgement to ensure that our advice is pragmatic and appropriate for each client’s circumstances.

Our combined investment and actuarial expertise help to support clients to achieve the right risk/reward balance for their scheme, which is fully integrated with funding strategy and covenant advice.

Investment manager research and selection

We help our clients to appoint the most appropriate investment managers across a wide range of asset classes. In our view, selecting the right asset classes and choosing highly capable managers to implement mandates that clearly link back to a client’s objectives is critically important. Our manager research is undertaken by the entire investment team and provides ongoing monitoring of investment managers and their fund offerings.

We are flexible in our approach, and we are happy to make single manager recommendations or suggest long lists and arrange ‘beauty parades’.

Investment, funding and risk monitoring

Our strategic and investment monitoring reports add value by allowing trustees and sponsors to monitor progress against their strategic objectives and the performance of their investment managers.

Our proprietary online funding monitoring tool, 4myscheme, can be used by defined benefit clients to implement dynamic de-risking plans.

Asset transitions

Where a change in investment arrangements is required, we help our clients minimise costs and risks that can arise when transitioning assets. For clients with segregated mandates we also manage the transfer of securities and derivative positions in-specie, if required.

ESG and regulatory changes

Our experts keep clients abreast of any changes in regulation and aim to ensure scheme requirements are met. We are well placed to help you develop beliefs and put in place policies when it comes to important issues such as ESG.

Fiduciary management selection and oversight services

We provide advisory services for schemes who use a fiduciary manager or are considering appointing one. We provide independent advice, to help ensure that the fiduciary management solution is appropriate for the scheme and provides value for money.

Why Broadstone?

We know that investment decisions have a large impact on all stakeholders looking after a pension scheme.

Our approach covers both sides of the pension fund balance sheet with a particular focus on the key strategic issues that are most important to our clients.

We use our independent position in the market to:

  • Create bespoke investment strategies that clearly link back to our clients’ objectives.
  • Blend our investment and actuarial experience to create a joined-up approach across investment and funding strategy.

We pride ourselves on...

  • Independence

    We consider each client based on their individual situation and beliefs, and we tailor our advice appropriate for each client’s circumstances.

  • Quality

    We take collective responsibility for ensuring that our work is subject to the highest standards of quality, and this is backed up by our industry quality accreditations.

  • Clear communication

    We present our advice in an understandable and clear manner, which is tailored to the circumstances of each client.

  • Experience

    Our investment experts have a wealth of real-world experience in asset management, trading, banking, investment consulting and actuarial work.

  • Flexibility

    We can quickly appraise a new idea or fund offering and form a view. We also recognise that things can change, so we try to think ahead and future-proof our client portfolios as far as possible.

  • Innovation

    We continuously challenge ourselves to find new ways to improve and evolve how we do things.

  • Collaboration

    We work collaboratively with our clients and other advisors to ensure that our advice is integrated with funding and covenant advice, and we work to resolve any difficulties or disputes.

  • Value for money

    We are confident that the quality and bespoke nature of our advice provides an excellent value for money service for our clients.

“Broadstone provided sound investment advice to Trustees. During Covid-19, regular updates on movements in the financial market were provided to Trustees. This enabled Trustees to decide at short notice when to move some growth assets to hedging assets as part of the Scheme’s de-risking strategy.”

Trustees of the Steel Construction Institute Pension Scheme


Investment consulting services

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Fiduciary management oversight

Find out more about how we use our independent expertise to help Trustees and sponsors review their fiduciary manager’s performance.


Fiduciary Management Brochure

Whether your scheme already uses a fiduciary management service or you are considering introducing one for the first time, find out more about how our independent advice can ensure your solution provides value for money.

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