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Pensions Governance

Ensuring good governance equates to good reward

In Safe Hands with our Pensions Governance 

Relief! Your pension scheme is in place!

But, are you keeping your scheme safe, and if so, how? Our pensions governance service will ensure you keep within the parameters of good governance.

At Broadstone our advisers have many years’ experience in ensuring a pension scheme is running well and to its maximum potential. Our framework of good practice involves many checks and processes. Our knowledgeable team has the insight and expertise to ensure proactive monitoring, accountability, fairness and transparency.

Many trustees have had their fingers burnt in underestimating the value of good governance and yet, it is a critical factor in determining the funds’ success.

We will advise and help you adhere to every aspect of governance, ensuring that the rewards from having a good pension scheme in place are realised.

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones

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