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Financial Education & Engagement for Employees

Financial education & engagement for employees as an employee benefit? So, who cares?

Would you be surprised if we said that the two main concerns facing your employees today are likely to be connected to their finances and mental health problems?

Not only that, but employees are most likely to want to seek advice in these areas from their employer. But it is improbable that they will make their worries directly known for fear of the implications such conversations could have on how they are perceived in the workplace.

Increasingly, financial education & engagement for employees is being viewed as an important employee benefit, and one that is both valued and engaged with.

So how can you best help your employees in these areas?

At Broadstone, we offer online educational modules and communications platforms that can be applied in the workplace and discreetly accessed by staff. From the information provided, employees can make informed choices regarding health and financial issues or be signposted to other means of associated help.

Not only does this approach help alleviate some of the worry they maybe feeling about such issues, but it also gives them a sense of empowerment. The ability to pro actively address their concerns can be completely in their hands, all the while, being supported by you as their employer.


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