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Business Protection & Keyperson Insurance

Insure the most important asset to your business - its people.

Futureproof Your Business

What would happen to your business if you, or another key staff member were to die, suffer significant injury or illness that limited or prevented you, or them, from working?

In most businesses it is the owners, share-holders or other key staff members in integral positions that become the driving force behind the business. It is these people the business relies on for its ongoing success. It could take a great deal of time promoting and training internally or worse recruiting someone new to fulfil their role and in the case of serious injury and potential return to the business at some point would you even be able to afford cover for their role?

In the case of injury or death to a shareholder or owner, lack of proper insurance could seriously hamper the transferring of executive control and rights to profits.

Put simply, the loss of a significant member of staff could result in swift decline in profit and cause your business to fold.

Business Protection/Keyperson Insurance compensates for the shortfalls arising from the temporary or permanent loss of a key person by paying a lump sum into your business. The levels of cover can be complex and are dependent upon certain criteria. At Broadstone we can weigh up the options of Business Protection and Keyperson insurance and recommend the best course of action for you.

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