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Actuarial Consulting

Providing you with expert actuarial consulting

Providing expert actuarial consulting services

  •  Scheme Funding

Within our actuarial consulting capacity, we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of expertise. We can assist you in yielding a fair outcome for both yourselves and the employer and simultaneously help you to meet your statutory objective of having sufficient assets to pay the promised benefits as they fall due.

To achieve this aim and in line with The Pension Regulator’s Code of Practice, we advocate a balanced and collaborative approach between all parties.

We make certain that trustee opinions are considered towards the agreement of valuation assumptions, whilst also ensuring that key areas for the employer (such as affordability and flexibility) are factored into the agreed scheme funding plans.

  • Pension Risk Modelling

If you are looking for real-time ways to model and monitor different options for managing risk and cost, you will find our industry renowned web-based platform PFaroe, invaluable.

As an authorised user of PFaroe, we can help you directly access a broad range of analytics. These will enable you to immediately see the impact of a range of risk management decisions and scenarios and how they integrate and impact one another, empowering you to help drive the debate in evaluating risks and encourage informed decision making.

  • Scheme Actuarial Services

Our team of skilled actuaries spend a great deal of time helping trustees to find pragmatic and innovative solutions to the many challenges they face, including keeping abreast with ever-changing legislation and our turbulent economy, is very time consuming.

Our Actuaries help to alleviate the pressure by offering practical and clear advice in finding solutions that limit risk and help you plan future benefit strategies.

We have specific interest in assisting small and medium sized pension funds that have neither the time or resources to address challenging issues.

We are positioned to react swiftly to change, to keep abreast of developments and utilise the knowledge that we have and provide quick and efficient services that meet your agreed budget.

  • Liability Reduction and Legacy Scheme Management

 As you are aware, UK defined benefit schemes, have been in rapid decline and  inevitably employers are looking to de-risk or completely close their schemes.

 There are many reasons attributed to this including:

  • Increasing value of liabilities
  • Significant changes to legislation / regulation
  • Increased costs of providing salary-related pensions
  • Improved life expectancy

As a result, many defined benefit schemes have moved from being a core part of the sponsors employee benefit strategy to a legacy financial liability. This liability is complex. It drains valuable time for key personnel overseeing their responsibilities correctly and can pose significant financial risk to the employer.

Dealing with an expensive problem

Faced with the responsibilities of meeting costs and honouring substantial payments, employers are opting to close their pension scheme and freeze ongoing accrual of benefits for existing members, spurring many to seek trustees capable of skilfully managing their scheme towards a satisfactory conclusion with lower associated risks.

At Broadstone, we are proactively assisting trustees who are working with employers to explore end game strategies. We can advise on the suitability and impartiality of the proposed approach to ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

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