Employee Benefits

Go online to take the hassle out of managing Employee Benefits

Go online to take the hassle out of managing Employee 

The advantages of offering employee benefits have been well documented.  Employers realise they should be offering benefits that reflect the goals of the business and that attract and retain the best staff.   While more and more companies are recognising the value of an employee benefits scheme, for some, the thought of managing employee benefits seems like too much hard work.

Which benefits should your business offer its staff?  How do you know which staff member is taking up which benefit? Is this what staff want? How do they look after every employee and monitor all the benefits they can have?

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The days of posters in the canteen, a dull power point presentation to staff and piles of brochures that nobody reads are long gone;investing in an online benefits portal makes life easier for both employers and employees.

Whether you employ 30 or 30,000 people an employee benefits portal will make both the creation and delivery of any employee benefits scheme simple.  You can control everything from one central point, streamline complex processes and launch new benefits easily.

You don’t need to have a team of people administering the system, it needs minimal HR support which will help to make it cost effective.   A key benefit of an online portal will be the data/analytics it can provide about your staff and their benefit choices.

You will easily be able to see which benefits are proving most popular for your staff. For example,  staff may favour offers around recreation such as discounted restaurants or gym membership. Alternatively staff may feel annual health screening or exchanging salary for higher pension contributions is more suitable to their personal circumstances.  The key issue is that having benefits online makes it easier to offer choice to allow employees to select what is right for them, and to facilitate the easy management of benefits for both parties.

Some of the best online portals also allow you to add in other administration processses such as the recording/approval of holiday and other absenceand– which is not only convenient for staff but removes another administrative process for the HR team.

The portal could also be used as a medium for sharing information/important messages/news, which makes it a fabulous communication tool.  And like everything else these days, the information on the portal is available 24/7 for your employees which means they don’t have to wait to get into work to check any details.

The online portal offers employers an easy to manage system and employees an easy to use system – everyone’s a winner.