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Get together to support mental health

It’s hard to think of any benefits to a global pandemic, but one could be a change in perception around mental health.

The issue has been discussed at length and many well-known personalities, and even royalty have shared their own battles and stressed how important positive mental health is to our overall wellbeing.

Working with a range of clients across various industry sectors, my Broadstone colleagues and I have been really impressed with the way numerous businesses have addressed the issue of employee wellbeing – some, in all honesty, doing so seriously for the first time – and this is one of the few positive things to have emerged over the last couple of years.

Start talking

It’s OK to not be OK!

We believe there has been a real cultural shift on this issue. It presents an ideal opportunity for employers to cement their commitment to employee wellbeing – in many cases, reminding people about what is already available to them – and in some cases, engaging with new approaches for the first time.  It comes as no great surprise to anyone to learn that the UK is facing a mental health crisis and this event provides an opportunity to do your bit.

The Big Mental Health Get Together is, as the name suggests, an opportunity for colleagues to come together – perhaps for the first time since returning to work (or the workplace).

Employers can create a healthy and supportive environment to encourage staff to reconnect and chat about how they have been coping and to discuss any other anxieties they may have. This could be anything from a coffee in the canteen to a virtual chat over Teams if your business continues to embrace agile working.

Employee benefits offer a range of mental health support initiatives

Employers can use the get together to signpost staff to whatever support they have in place via their employee wellbeing programme and if you are currently not signed up to a wellbeing programme – then use this event to launch one.  Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to employee support, and you may find that your existing insurance cover provides levels of support. If you wish to engage meaningfully, forward-thinking businesses can offer provision to their teams with Broadstone’s affordable Equipsme solution which gives staff access to a GP without any long waiting times and could be the catalyst for accessing further support if they need it.

At the same time as providing a good level of base support, it can offer the opportunity to allow people to opt for a higher level cover at their own cost (and to include their family)  – leading to engagement in one’s own health.

For those employers who would prefer to offer more provision, Broadstone can develop a bespoke health and wellbeing assistance programme to meet the needs of your budget and your staff.  With mental health front and centre there are many ways a Broadstone recommended bespoke solution could benefit your colleagues from discounted gym membership to mindfulness activities, through mental health and wellbeing advice to private medical insurance and everything in between.  We may even have been known to suggest Group Yoga classes – but it’s not for everyone!

Often our clients tell us that sometimes starting discussion about mental health can be difficult but events such as World Mental Health Day provide the perfect springboard to do just that.  If you want to offer your best asset (your people) your full support, then pick up the phone today and have a no-obligation chat about the benefits of supporting your teams’ mental health and ultimately your business.

Let’s get together and chat.