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Finding your lockdown balance

Feed Your Health & Wellbeing: Finding Your Lockdown Balance

With a trip to the supermarket stirring feelings of freedom and anxiety, a simple everyday task has fast become a weekly challenge. Many of us who enjoy a fast snack at lunch from our favourite coffee shop, to a weekend treat alleviating the dishes, are now cooking several meals a day for a fuller household.

So with increasing meals to cook, mouths to feed and essential journeys only, we’ve put together a few top tips to feed your mind, body & soul, not to mention the purse strings.


As we all adjust to home working or furlough life for the foreseeable few months, the monotony doesn’t take long to kick in. As we highlighted within Top Tips to Working from Home, keeping a routine or creating a new daily schedule will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead. In keeping with this thread, planning your meals will assist in using what you already have in the fridge, freezer & cupboards.

Breakfast can be the boost you need to start the day off right. Slow-release energy foods such as oats, cereal, wholegrain bread, nuts and seeds will provide sustained energy levels without that burning crash for a sugary pick up before lunch.

For many people however the idea of eating breakfast early in the morning can bring on feelings of nausea, with this in mind whether you’re feeding a family of four or breakfast for one, BBC Good Food provides a recipe on a healthy flapjack (which might sit better in a little tummy before Joe Wicks); this recipe can be great to substitute for any dry goods you may already have in the cupboard.

For individuals with dietary requirements or tired of making banana bread, the following recipes removes dairy for a vegan option;

Noon & Night

Heavier meals throughout the day can often leave us feeling lethargic and uncomfortable. While having extra or unlimited time on our hands (now all the DIY projects are complete) tiredness can soon become the demise to a routine, turning minutes into what feels like hours.

Introducing a little and often approach to your diet may just help in providing the variety required to get your 5 a day as well as bringing a lighter boost. Oily fish, blueberries, dark chocolate, broccoli & nuts are known to sustain and stimulate brain health.

Having foods readily on hand to snack when hunger strikes can help maintain concentration and aid in mental tasks while working from home.

What’s Available?

Approaching our five a day can be challenging during lockdown with produce and trade shortages. While planning & preparing meals you may wish to consider what fruit & veg are currently in season.

Local companies providing fresh produce delivery services straight to your door with no contact or anxiety down the aisles is a brilliant lockdown option. Not only are you filling your fridge with local, often organic or free-range goods, this might be a great time to start developing your Michelin star skills & recipe ideas all while supporting small & independent businesses.

Catering for one can prove to be difficult when faced with Essential Journeys vs. The Best Before Date, while larger households with a range of dietary needs or differing palettes will face increased spending on the weekly shop over the recent and coming months. With health at the forefront of all our minds, consider ingredients that can flow into meals and snacks throughout the week reducing cost & food waste.

Here are some healthy recipe ideas:

Mushrooms: Garlic mushrooms on toast transforming into a creamy mushroom pasta;

Frozen Vegetables: Dinner accompaniment into Vegetable quiche or into a healthy soup;

Frozen Fruit: As a porridge breakfast topper, into a raspberry jelly for the kids or a very tasty adult dessert:

Home Schooling

While transforming into a 24/7 chef, cleaner, home worker & DIY extraordinaire, teaching is a new addition to the list for most. Parents across the UK and worldwide are fast learning that the curriculum isn’t quite what we remember from our school days. Broadstone’s articles on Home Schooling Resources & Structuring a Home School Day are on hand to help.

While home schooling why not consider integrating food into your new curriculum. Cuisine from around the world is an excellent way to involve the younger family members into trying new foods as well as getting Google Maps up and running, starting those Geography lessons!

A great way to involve the whole family is to create theme nights. Music streaming services are on hand to provide the perfect background setting while accompanying the cuisine of choice. Getting the whole family involved is a fun way of having some bonding time out-with school work & chores, where hopefully the kids are open to tasting new foods and creating their own dishes. Why not try;

NHS Rainbow stir-fry: Create a stir fry filled with coloured vegetables and bursting with nutrients

‘Pizza’ the Scene: Paint your pizza with a memory whether it be a beach scene made with mozzarella sand, a big tomato sunshine with pepper strip birds in the sky or your cat made with olive eyes, red onion whiskers and basil fur! (For ease you can buy a frozen margherita pizza and simply add toppings)

Smiling Snacks: Transform your snack plate into a family members face – Celery eyebrows, Babybel cheeks & carrot stick smiles – picture perfect!

The Weekend

For most of us the weekend brings a sense of wellbeing & rest, where time is allocated to hobbies, family & friends and treating yourself to a night away from the kitchen. With our favourite restaurants & fast food options now closed or delivering a reduced service why not try a Fakeaway? With Supermarkets, celebrity chefs and recently some of the most well-known restaurant brands publishing the secrets behind some UK favourites you can now create your own Fakeaway from your kitchen.

Well known chef Gizzy Erskine & music artist Professor Green have created @gizandgreens where every Monday you can interactively join in on Instagram and practise for the weekend ahead covering the UK’s most loved fast food or restaurant dishes such as: McDonald’s Big Mac, Lamb Doner Kebab, Wagamama’s Chicken/Vegetable Katsu Curry & Sweet & Sour Chicken.

The New Routine

With lockdown looking to continue throughout April and May, weekdays and weekends merging into one, adjusting to a new routine can take time to settle into. Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, The Broadstone Hub’s Useful Information has links & contact details to many supporting charities and services such as Anxiety UK, The Samaritans & Youngminds which can offer expert advice

While navigating a day at a time or building a routine that works best for you, the NHS website can provide a helping hand by taking the following quiz allowing your diet to look after you from the inside out;


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